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Dana Point, California

The rugged natural anchorage formerly known as Capistrano Bay offered shelter to mariners for hundreds of years. Later renamed Dana Point after Richard Henry Dana (1815-1882) a seaman, Harvard trained lawyer and author of the classic sea journal “Two Years before the Mast”. The journal documents Dana’s 1830’s voyage aboard the merchant brig Pilgrim, as he sailed from Boston to California. Dana described Capistrano Bay as “the only romantic spot in California.”

Michael and I love visiting the Gaita family in Dana Point. We have known them since 1982 and Bill was Michael's best man when we were married.

We have watched their three children grow up and have become very proud of their accomplishments.

We always feel welcome there. It is much like your childhood home. You just walk in, grab something from the refrigerator, take a seat and have a chat. It doesn't matter if you haven't been there for six months. Don't expect to ring the doorbell and have someone answer. Just go on in and make yourself at home.

Since the passing of his lovely wife Barb, Bill has decided to rent out the family home in Mission Viejo and move into one of the condos he owns in Dana Point. Bill lists them on AirBNB and has had many extremely happy renters. He is a very gracious host and is always there to help his renters with something to do or places to see.

When our friends from Germany came to visit us in Arizona, they had mentioned they had never been to California. Our first thought was to visit Bill and show them the beach cities of southern California.

In addition to his condos, he also has a 50 foot ocean fishing boat. Fishing is not an occupation but a minor hobby. Bill thinks of the boat as a family Winnebago that floats. Nothing pleases him more than his children, grandchildren, family and friends coming for a visit.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable visit for our friends and a very relaxing time for us

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