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What do William Shakespeare, Prince Louis of Cambridge and I have in common?

Updated: May 8, 2021

Well..... today the three of us are celebrating our birthday. Prince Louis is celebrating his third birthday which makes me feel old as compared to him. William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died on this same date in 1616; so compared to William I feel extremely young.

I received a birthday message today and the person had said the following: "If you did not know exactly how old you were, what age would you say you were?" Hmmm.....interesting question. I would say I was young at heart and spirit. However, I am my age after sitting for more than three hours in a car. I need those three or four steps to get me going. I will have to think about that question a little more.

When I looked out the window this morning, it was snowing. After a short time, I did notice patches of blue sky.

I was on the phone quite a bit today. I am so very blessed to have family and friends call, video chat, and write to me on my birthday. I even received a birthday card sent here to the Teton Club. That was such a surprise! No time for tears today, which is very abnormal for those whom have known me for many years. It has been a day of laughter, surprises, joy, adventure, happiness.....

Late breakfast at Persephone's.

I had the kouign amann and an almond croissant. Delicious!

Snowing high up in the mountains. Glad I took pictures of the Tetons the last couple days.

I didn't take many pictures today. Michael and I walked around Jackson.

I actually wanted to have a milkshake here. Would have enjoyed sitting at the counter and ordering. Definitely reminded me of the times I did this when I was a child. I liked to swivel around and around on the stool. Unfortunately, they are on vacation for a few more weeks. It would have been fun to sit at the old counter and order. Difficult to take a picture through the window, though.

Here in Jackson Hole we are between seasons, as they say. Skiing has finished for the season and it is too early for the campers and the tourists visiting Teton National Park or Yellowstone. In fact, the south entrance to Yellowstone may be closed until the end of May. The waters are too cold for rafting. However, people are starting to fish the streams and rivers. There are no crowds in town. Some stores are closed until the end of April or May.

Jackson reminds me of Old Town Scottsdale. The sidewalks are made of wood. There are so many art galleries and shops to enjoy, too.

Now, this is quite a hat!!!!

Jackson features elk, bison, and moose while Scottsdale would feature rattlesnakes and scorpions.

Real estate is extremely expensive. You are paying for the scenery. The scenery is quite breathtaking!!!!!

By wildlife, they definitely mean bears.

This is a huge home with an even bigger price tag. It does include 117 acres. I would not enjoying cleaning this place.

Reminds me of the sign in Old Town Scottsdale. Both have the cowboy and the bucking bronco.

History quiz. How many of these bronze figures can you name?

We haven't seen any real bears yet, so I am settling for stone and stuffed ones for now.

There is another Persephone's in downtown Jackson. I like the one in Wilson.

Yes, that is Michael wearing long pants.

We stopped for a little afternoon snack. Michael tried the almond croissant and I had the huckleberry croissant

The huckleberry filling was both sweet and tart. Tasty!!! I have not seen this at the Wilson location. I will have to mention it to them.

The four elk antler arches guarding the corners of Jackson Hole's George Washington Memorial Park, more commonly called the Town Square, have become well known icons to the town’s many visitors.

"Making an elk antler arch is a labor-intensive process. Workers weave antlers—each of which weighs from 5 to 10 pounds—together around the steel frame. Antlers go up one at a time. By the time an arch is done, it’s a mosaic of 10,000 to 12,000 pounds of antlers. Some of them are screwed down to add extra support and prevent vandalism.

About 1,000 to 2000 pounds of the antlers in each arch came from the Jackson Hole Boy Scouts, who pick them up on the National Elk Refuge each year. The rest were bought from antler dealers in the Mountain West. The new arches should be good until 2040 or so."

"It’s a toss-up whether the Tetons or the elk antler arches at the four corner of Jackson’s Town Square are more photographed by visitors, writes local Jackson, Wyo., writer Dina Mishev in the book On the Road Yellowstone. When the local Rotary Club erected the first arch in 1953, it had no idea it was creating an icon. But the arch was an instant hit with visitors, so the club started planning for additional arches, one on each corner. These were built between 1966 and 1969. (The southwest corner was the first to get its arch.)"

Today’s arches are not the original ones, though. Elk antlers have a life span.

Ideally, the antlers should be replaced every 30 to 40 years.

"The oldest arch, the southwestern one, was rebuilt first in 2007. Because this arch is the most popular one for photographs, it wasn’t just replaced, but also moved. It was only a matter of time before someone walking backward to take a photo stepped into traffic and was hurt. The southeast arch was redone in 2009, the northeast corner in 2011 and the northwest one in 2013. Each time, workers disassembled the old arch just after Memorial Day and had the new one up by the Fourth of July."

You have to be careful driving. You can't tell when you will come upon wildlife. There are warning signs everywhere!

A few more pictures of the Teton Club

Came upon this guy while we driving through Teton Village back to Jackson for dinner. He never heard us coming!

He was more interested in finding his own dinner.

Farther down the road, we came up to some elk. While the common terminology for a group of elk is a herd, another answer may surprise you. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a group of elk may also be referred to as a “gang” of elk.

Again, they never heard the Tesla approach. They were right next to the road, too.

If you want to know what I had for my birthday dinner, you will have to look under "What's to eat between Scottsdale, AZ and the Tetons in Wyoming".

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