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Wengen's mountain views and new fondues

Well, we may have found a new favorite fondue restaurant in Wengen.

Herb and mushroom fondue.

Wengen is a village and alpen resort that belongs to the municipality of Lauterbrunnen. Together with villages of Mürren, Isenfluh, Gimmelwald, Stechelberg and Lauterbrunnen, Wengen forms the political commune of Lauterbrunnen.

In terms of population, this place is the largest in the municipality with a permanent population of 1,300 which swells in summer to 5,000 and in winter to 10,000. It's at 1,274 m (4,180 ft) above sea level at the foot of the mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, 400 meters (1,312 feet) high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It is reached by cog railway and with no vehicle access, on the route up towards the Eiger and Jungfrau. It is part of the Jungfrau Region Tourist Association, which also includes the Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since 1893, Wengen has been reached from Lauterbrunnen with the Wengernalp Railway.

The village itself has no connection to the road network and is therefore not very busy. Wengen is the "Village of the Jungfrau" and the scene of the international Lauberhorn race (FIS Ski World Cup).

Wengen has a beautiful Swiss Reformed Church, built in 1953, overlooking the Lauterbrunnen Valley. In addition to the Reformed, Wengen also has a Protestant English and a Roman Catholic Church.

Always time for a candle and a prayer.

English churches were established during the nineteenth century in nearby Grindelwald, Meiringen, and Murren. By 1912, Anglican services were taking place in Wengen's Swiss church twice on Sundays. Desiring their own building, the Continental & Colonial Church Society erected a new English church, which was consecrated on January 15,1928 by the Bishop of Fulham. The building is on the road formerly leading to the Mannlichen cable car lift. The new cable car station is however nearer the center of Wengen. St Bernard's has been used for over 90 years for Sunday services and occasional offices, such as the memorial in 1949 for Anthony Carrick, a schoolboy who died in the mountains. The congregation in 1954 was described as consisting 'of people from many parts of the British Commonwealth and America as well as English-speaking Continentals'. The congregation continues to be diverse.

The Roman Catholic church stands adjacent to the Falken Hotel and has a distinctive onion dome. Mass is celebrated on most Sundays in-season.

Michael and I love to sit on the bench by the Swiss Reform Church and look out over the Lauterbrunnen Valley, at the Silberhorn and Jungfrau and up at Männlichen. It is a perfect location!

Can you spot the cable car wire across the valley? This section goes from Stechelberg to Gimmelwald.

I wish I had taken my telephoto lens. Can you spot the paraglider?

How good are your eyes? There is more than one paraglider.

Can you spot three or more?

Avalanche fences protect the village.

This is a sports minded community for all ages. Hiking, mountain biking, curling, walking, skiing......

In winter, there is even a curling building.

Hiking and biking. Open trails are posted in green. Everything is open today.

Hand made ski

I have always wanted to go sledding in this area. I would want to start in Männlichen at the top of the mountain and go down the other side toward Grindelwald.

The Swiss Made Shop has always been a favorite shopping store of mine. They would also ship my purchases. I was so very disappointed I didn't find anything today.

The aerial cableway station is behind the store. You can take the cable car up to Männlichen. Männlichen is a 2,343 meter (7687 feet ) mountain. It can be reached from Wengen by the Wengen–Männlichen aerial cableway, or from the new Grindelwald Terminal station using the Grindelwald–Männlichen gondola cableway. It then takes 15 minutes to walk to the summit. It is a popular viewpoint over the Lauterbrunnen Valley and a popular start location for hikers and skiers.

The village was quiet today. The Jungfrau marathon runners go through the village.

Then up the mountain to the finish area.

Fondue at the Bernerhof was a first for us. We definitely will return.

Food and water is provided for the dogs. Nice touch!

Should we have the traditional or try something else? The herb and mushroom fondue was yummy, delicious, tasty........ Our waiter said the sauerkraut was excellent. The pale ale and whiskey sounds quite different.

Our view while eating

Nice large pieces of mushrooms

The bread pieces were large so the mushrooms stayed on. It took a little practice to keep the mushroom on the sliced potato. It was easier to stay on the larger bread piece. There were cloves of fresh garlic. Sweet tasting.

Of course, you need Fendant when having cheese.

God was having an incredible day when creating this area. As we would say, "It is soul quenching."

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