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Unterseen to Zurich to San Francisco to Phoenix

Goodbye to our garden house and the koi pond at the Adventure Guesthouse. Our five weeks have passed so quickly. Reservations are already made for next year’s return. Is it too early to begin the countdown?

The winner of the contest was our friend Bennett. It took me 27 minutes and 45 seconds to cross the bridge.

Goodbye to our garden house at the Adventure Guesthouse. Our five weeks have passed so quickly. Reservations are already made for next year’s return. Is it too early to begin the countdown?

Sylvia had our fresh baked rolls ready for us when we came into the breakfast room. The creamy butter from the Emmental region just melted quickly onto the rolls. The Europeans have the most delicious crunchy crusty on the outside and soft on the inside rolls and bread. I will definitely miss the rolls and bread! Seasonal yoghurt is another favorite of mine which I will miss. This year, my favorites were the watermelon, rhubarb with vanilla, and hazelnut. Michael favors cherry, lemon, pineapple, and blueberry. I was disappointed not to see blood orange and the one with grape pieces. Oh well, there is next year.

Have checked the app last night and this morning and we saw our bags are at the Zürich airport. We have three bags at forty-eight pounds and one at forty-five. I could have bought more chocolate! The Swiss weight limit was 70 pounds for first class.

Bright sunny day in Unterseen. The snowcapped mountains looking down at us as well as the Harder Man and the Harder Woman.

We took the 9:05 train from Interlaken West to the Zürich airport. And so… our long journey back home begins.

The cows have definitely come down from the mountains. There are so many large numbers of cows eating along the railway tracks. The noise of the train passing doesn’t interrupt their grazing.

The feeling of Fall has not come yet even though the morning air is chilly and crisp. The sun warms the air in the afternoon so only a light jacket may be needed. We haven’t needed a jacket until the sun has set.

The area around Bern is known for growing potatoes. I have seen the sign in a few locations. Just passed three wagons filled to the brim with potatoes. Potatoes go so well with Raclette and fondue.

The vegetable growing season has not ended yet. There hasn’t even been a frost. Farmers this morning were harvesting red and green lettuce. Leeks were also being picked.

Not all the fields of corn have been cut yet either.

Compared to years' past, the weather has been much warmer than usual.

Pulled into the Bern train station. More people got on than left the train. Michael and I switch seats as I don't like riding backwards. The train pulls into the station but doesn't go through. What was the front of the train now becomes the back. This train continues to the Zürich main train station and then on to the Zürich airport with Romanshorn being the final stop.

Some fog by the river just outside of Olten. Water level is pretty low in the river, though. I can hardly see the Lindt building. Fog makes it harder to see the closer we get to Zürich.

Just passed the IKEA in Spreitenbach. Michael is safe for another year. I always tease that one year I want to see what is different in this IKEA from the one in Arizona.

Passed the Sprüngli factory so I know we are close to Zürich. Fog has almost completely lifted as we get closer to the city.

With our bags sent ahead, we headed straight to checkin to make sure our bags would be sent through to Phoenix.

Next, we headed to the first class lounge where we went through security. We booked the limo transport time.

In the lounge, you order off the menu if you want something to eat. There are three chefs preparing your choice. Saw people eating salmon, Rösti, fondue, shrimp, pumpkin soup, and Züri Geschnetzeltes. Since we will be having lunch served on the plane shortly after takeoff, I skipped lunch at the club. I should have had the pumpkin soup, though, as it looked tempting.

Ten minutes before the limo departure time, we needed to wait at the meeting point up the stairs and down the corridor. Once everyone in our group was there, we got on the elevator and went down to passport control. After the official stamped our passport, off we went to the limo which drove us to our gate. We went up the stairs and onto the plane.

First was full with eight people. The two flight attendants are so very attentive!!! Today, for some reason, the head attendant introduced himself and personally served each of us the first course.

On this flight, Michael and I aren’t sitting across from each other. It really doesn’t matter to us as we each have our own little pod. He is in 1G and I am in 2K. I love a window seat so I can look out.

Michael has the door still open.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t on the side to see the mountains when we took off but I did recognize the nuclear plant after Olten.

They served this while we were waiting for our meal. It was delicious but I have no idea what it was.

Here is a look at the menu. The “Swiss taste of Switzerland” featured the canton of Geneva.

Michael and I both had the lobster bisque and the veal.

Exactly medium rare. Amazing taste!!!!!!!!

I had the cheese plate while he had the chocolate cake slice which he couldn’t stop raving about. I did have three Sprüngli truffles which are my favorite.

The Vacherin Fribourgeois is what they use in some cheese fondues. It is the one where I cut the rind off.

The Jakob Alt did have a gingerbread taste. So unique and delicious!

A little while after eating, I dozed off. After the short one hour nap, the flight attendant apologized for not immediately making up my bed. It didn’t matter to me as the seat is very comfortable.

We were over Greenland when I woke up and I was able to take a few pictures with my phone. Most of the way we had clouds, so it was a surprise to have a break in the clouds to see chunks of ice floating and some mountains.

Oh, I forgot to say the flying time between Zürich and San Francisco is eleven hours and 40 minutes. It is a very very long day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watched a movie and then dozed off again. I did have a wonderful restful sleep. I awoke somewhere over Wyoming.

Took some interesting pictures over Colorado and Utah. Some of the mountain tops and hillsides were yellow so I’m guessing the aspens have already changed to their Fall color. Also noticed a fire in the canyon.

Not sure what the red on the mountain tops and hillsides could be. Trees turning colors? Wildflowers?

They served food before landing. I'm still full but there is always room for Kambly biscuits (cookies).

The Sierra Mountains have a trace of snow along the peaks.

Looks like a wildfire in California, too.

So many wind turbines!

As we were making our final approach into San Francisco, the head flight attendant personally talked to the eight of us and asked our impressions of the flight and the two flight attendants assigned to first class. Everything was "5 Star"!!!!! Superior service all around!!!!!

San Francisco off in the distance

It was a breeze going through immigration with Global Entry in San Francisco.

We had close to a three hour layover so we went to the Centurion Lounge, an American Express Platinum Card perk.

Last leg of the trip from San Francisco to Phoenix was on United.

The welcoming lights of the Phoenix area and landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Once we picked up the luggage, it was a quick 30 minute ride home. Another fantastic vacation!!!!!!!!

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