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Unterseen and Interlaken, Switzerland

This morning, the Jungfrau was hidden behind clouds but this afternoon she peeked out for awhile. This is our view out the window from our bedroom at the Adventure Guesthouse.

We are in room 9. The top two windows are where the sitting room/second bedroom is. Room 9 takes up the whole top floor. We get our exercise climbing all those spiral stairs to the third floor.

Jetlag has hit us hard!!!! We feel Swiss Airlines has superior service as compared to British Airways but for us, British Airways has better departure times. Arriving mid-morning instead of the evening has caused us to be very tired the next day.

We were the last ones to come down to breakfast. Nice to be with Sylvia and Joli again. Both are so happy, bubbly, talkative, and energetic!

We caught up on all the news in the neighborhood. The couple whose house is next door have died. The house has been sold to a couple with three children. They will renovate the house before moving in.

The ladies have not seen Frau Meier in awhile. We will check to see if she works in her garden.

Oh, well, we just made it a simple day. We decided to walk around town and see what changes had happened during covid. Yes, many shops have closed. There is quite a bit of construction happening around town, too. The tourist buses are absent but we don't mind smaller crowds.

Last night while going to dinner, we saw there was going to be a fall market here in Unterseen at the town square.

"Unterseen literally means Lower Lake, which is correct, since Unterseen is located on the flat area on the eastern shore of Lake Thun between two creeks - Lombach below the Chienberg to the north and the Aare to the south, which both flow into Lake Thun. The historic town however is mainly found at the northern bank of the Aare, which flows here from Lake Brienz to Lake Thun (therefore lower lake). Just across the Aare is the town of Interlaken. Both municipalities are located on the flat alluvial land among steep mountains, which is also called the Bödeli.

Unterseen belongs to the Small Agglomeration Interlaken with 23,300 inhabitants.

Along with Interlaken, Unterseen is an important tourist center in the Bernese Highlands, and from the town one can see the mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau."

Paragliders hugging the side of the mountain before spiraling down to the center of Interlaken at the


Flowers along the bridge which divides Unterseen and Interlaken.

hydroelectric power station

Happy to see our favorite wood carving store survived. We have made many purchases here. We even had several original carvings done.

The main street in Interlaken is quite empty. Usually it is crowded with tourists, cars and buses.

Cute backpacks for children

Schuh has the cutest seasonal window displays!

"Since the 19th century, the chocolate at the “Schuh” has been synonymous with the finest of ingredients, sophisticated recipes and true devotion.

This tradition has been retained and remains renowned and cherished across international borders to this day. You’ll find “Schuh” chocolates in various flavors, shapes, for immediate consumption, as gifts and as souvenirs of your trip to Interlaken."

Schuh is also known for luxury treats – “Schuh” style. All of their patisserie and sweet pastries are made by hand so they naturally also offer an extensive range of the most exquisite delicacies here: Gâteaux, cakes, petits fours, patisserie.

Swiss Mountain single malt whiskey: a superb blend of whisky and local, natural herbs and spices. This liqueur is based on Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky stored in American oak casks.

They are owned by Rugenbräu. They have tours which we might have to check into.

Colour Light-golden sparkling amber Body Soft texture, complex and pleasant mouthfeel Nose Ripe, fruity apricots flavors and sherry notes are surrounded by discreet caramel and malt. The fresh and fruity notes are surrounded by some fruity aromas topped with lovely vanilla notes. Palate This liqueur combines gentle woody notes with tones of coffee and chocolate. A slight maltiness is perceived at the start, which then rises beautifully in caramel and fermented vanilla pod. The delicate balance between sweetness and complexity lends this product a special tension and the soft, creamy mouthfeel creates an exclusive and lasting impression.

Alcohol content 27% ABV Awards DistiSuisse: Silver 2019/20 The Swiss Mountain Whisky Liqueur was awarded Silver at the 2018 International Wine & Spirit Competition. DistiSuisse: Gold 2017/18 Spirits Artwork And Bottle Design Bronze 2018

Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel

"In the picturesque mountain setting of the Jungfrau region stands the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa, a five-star hotel and spa resort steeped in tradition in the heart of Interlaken. Whether you’re visiting for a wellness weekend, a family holiday, a wedding celebration, or a business event, the unique grand hotel atmosphere is certain to delight. To ensure each guest feels at home, all rooms and suites are decorated in either a classic or contemporary style. These oases of hospitality are surrounded by all the facilities one would expect of a tradition-conscious luxury hotel, including two restaurants, two bars, and 22 conference and banquet rooms. The 60,000-square-foot Spa Nescens is an elegant, integrated facility, offering an unparalleled range of treatments and exclusive Nescens wellness programs."

"In the midst of Mother Nature, the 5500 m2 Spa Nescens is an inviting place to linger. A wellness experience in a class of its own. Calling to mind a 1940s boudoir, the elegant interior contrasts with the rugged mountain scenery visible from the outdoor brine bath. A sauna area plus steam baths, relaxation rooms, a gym and massage and beauty rooms invite you to leave your everyday life at the door. Exclusive better-aging programs from Nescens promise a holistic approach to well-being."

Across the street from the Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel is the Hohematte. The park itself is beautiful with flower beds and mini fountains. Paragliders land in the open field.

Nestled in the heart of the town, Hohematte Park is Intelaken's popular green open space. Apart from offering views of snowcapped mountains, the park features shaded walkways, colorful flowerbeds, benches strategically placed under lush treetops, and fountains along the edges of the meadows. In the winter, you can expect an ice skating rink set up for public use.

There are mostly buds on these roses. Can't wait to see them open. It should be quite a sight!!!

On the Höhematte directly in front of the hotel, you have the opportunity to observe the idyllic nature and the imposing mountains of Interlaken from a different perspective. This is the largest ferris wheel in Switzerland. The ferris wheel has been in Interlaken since June 19th. The last day for it to be in town is tomorrow.

It stands 46 meters high, has 36 gondolas and weighs 210 tons and is run by René and Anja Bourquin. To ensure it stands out, it is also decorated with 35,000 LED lights.

All the cabins on the Swisswheel are covered so you don’t need to worry too much about rainy weather and it is the only ferris wheel in the country with a wheelchair-accessible gondola.

Michael and I watched it go round and round.

Watched the paragliders come in.

Another cute backpack for children.

Dating back to the 14th century, Hotel Interlaken offers a unique mix of old and new, and has been carefully renovated over the past few years.

The hotel is adjacent to the Japanese Gardens of Interlaken.

Located on Höheweg Street next to the Hotel Interlaken, the Garden of Friendship is the first Japanese garden in Switzerland. It symbolizes friendly relationships between the cities of Interlaken and Otsu in Japan. The garden was created in 1995 by a landscape gardener from Otsu and represents traditional Japanese gardens, with plenty of water, flora, and harmony.

The Japanese Garden of Interlaken is close to the old monastery and castle (with its castle church) and the Catholic church. Dubbed the Garden of Friendship, the garden is a gift from Interlaken’s Japanese twin town of Ōtsu.

With its pond and pavilion, the Japanese Garden of Interlaken reflects the landscape in which it stands. Located next to the Hotel Interlaken, the garden symbolizes the roaring waterfalls and deep ravines of the Bernese Oberland; the Shinji pond represents lakes Brienz and Thun. As you walk through the garden, a wealth of detail emerges: every element has special meaning and symbolism according to the Japanese tradition.

Interlaken is a sister city to Scottsdale, Arizona. How interesting is it that Michael and I both love Scottsdale and Interlaken?

The McDowell Mountains behind our house certainly don't compare to these here in the area.

Michael and I stopped at the Coop to pick up some yoghurt. There is no comparison between Swiss and American yoghurt. We bought, cherry, pineapple, hazelnut, lemon and vanilla rhubarb. Delicious!

We took a much needed little nap before going to dinner.

View from our bedroom window

Frau Meier lives in the building to the left on the ground floor.

When this was Sunny Days Bed and Breakfast, the owners built the little house for themselves so they could rent out all 9 rooms in the chalet.

I remember when Dave put in the koi pond. Gosh, that was years ago!

The Jungfrau is hidden amongst the clouds.

It was back to Città Vecchia tonight as we wanted our second favorite dish, lasagna. The restaurant now serves "Mediterranean flavors". Seating is in 2 cozy rooms or on a terrace overlooking Stadthausplatz.

The restaurant is under new ownership: José Araújo and Manuel Sá. José used to be a waiter with the old owner. I believe there is a new head chef, too.

I had a panache or shandy which is half beer and the other half being either Sprite or lemonade. Tasty foam!

We started with the mixed salad consisting of carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, two types of green lettuce, butter beans, radicchio, corn and Italian dressing.

If you notice, each vegetable has its own space.There is no mixing of everything together. Michael does not like tomatoes and cucumbers so with this salad it is easier to pick out what he doesn't like and give it to me.

The HUGE surprise for us was the lasagna. This was not what we were used to being served with the old owner. Yes, my jaw dropped when I saw this. I almost said you brought us the wrong dish but Manuel said to enjoy the lasagna. Michael and I looked at each other and tried it. Surprise, surprise, surprise.... it was delicious. This lasagna had more meat and thicker noodles between the layers and it was topped with a tasty tomato sauce. Very very tasty but so different!

It rained while we were eating dinner and the temperature dropped below 60. This should be wonderful sleeping weather. Looks like it is trying to clear.

The "sleeping man" at Schnige Platte is ready for bed and so are we. Good night and sleep well!!!!!

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