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Time to Say Goodbye

Michael and I have waited a year and a half to be back in Switzerland and now our vacation has come to an end and it is time to say goodbye until next year.

The flight this afternoon goes from Zürich to Chicago to Phoenix.

Visited with friends

Watched cheese be made and ate different kinds of cheese

Ate delicious meals

Made delicious food

Climbed flights of stairs

Smelled, tasted and baked with chocolate

Bought Kambly biscuits

Visited cities

Walked through small villages and towns

Lit candles and prayed for family and friends

Marveled at clocks

Admired beautiful flowers

Watched animals, birds, and fish

Scenery that took our breath away

I hope you enjoyed traveling along with us the last few weeks!!!!! Let me know what you liked about the trip.

Until next time....

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