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The Avenches Tattoo 2023 at the National Stud Farm

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

A tremendous amount of work went into having the Tattoo at a different venue. When we got off the train there were two different buses at the station to take people to the Haras. Music Flying High was the theme of this year's program.

There will be close to 500 military and civilian musicians from around the world for the Avenches Tattoo 2023.

In years past, the Tattoo was held at the amphitheater in the center of the town. Unfortunately, the amphitheater is being renovated, so this year's event was held at the historical venue of the Swiss National Stud Farm in Avenches.

"Located near Avenches, near Lake Morat, the Swiss National Stud Farm of Agroscope (SNSF) is the competence center of the Swiss Confederation for equidae. (Equidae (sometimes known as the horse family) is the taxonomic family of horses and related animals, including the extant horses, asses, and zebras, and many other species known only from fossils. The family evolved around 50 million years ago from a small, multi-toed ungulate into larger, single-toed animals. All extant species are in the genus Equus, which originated in North America. Equidae belongs to the order Perissodactyla, which includes the extant tapirs and rhinoceros, and several extinct families. The term equid refers to any member of this family, including any equine).

The Administrative Building with the arena behind it. Notice the stock nest on the chimney.

Every year, between mid-January and mid-March, more than 100 white storks return to their nests on the Agroscope Swiss National Stud Farm site after spending 6 months in the warmer southern countries. The faithful pairs usually nest in the same nests from one year to the next. The courtyard and the surroundings of the Swiss National Stud Farm resound with their characteristic clattering.

The Swiss National Stud is a living cultural heritage and a unique center of competence and knowledge in Switzerland!

Founded in Avenches in 1898 as a center for Swiss horse breeding, the Swiss National Stud Farm (SNSF) has three missions: training (for veterinarians, agronomists, riders, farriers, etc.), research in the equestrian field, and the promotion and support of the Franches-Montagnes breed, the only typically Swiss horse. The SNSF is freely accessible all year round and offers an educational tour presenting its various missions, the work of its craftsmen and the life of its inhabitants, whether horses, donkeys or storks'.

This Avenches Tattoo international music festival is ranked the second largest event of its kind in Switzerland. It is the only Tattoo that takes place in French speaking part of Switzerland. The invited high quality musical and choreographic marching bands put on a spectacular show that make the arena pulsate with incredible sound.

Michael again this year purchased VIP tickets. VIP ticket holders have their own entrance, snacks, beverages, an overhead awning to protect you from the sun or rain, and padded chairs. When it is a two hour performance, padded chairs are welcomed.

I had the Rosé Vully and Michael had the white Vully.


Japan Air Defense Force Central Band - Japan

The band was formed in 1961 at the Hamamatsu Air Base. It was relocated to the Tachikawa sub-base in 1964. The band got their name in 1982. They perform about 100 ceremonies a year around Japan. They also participate in tattoos in many other countries. A great honor was when they were able to perform in the 1964 Olympics in front of the Emperor.

The Band of HM Royal Marines Collingwood - United Kingdom

"RM Band Collingwood takes part in around 340 ceremonial and concert commitments every year.

Musicians all play two – or more – instruments, giving the band the versatility to perform as in full, or as smaller ensembles from string quartets to naval jazz groups, even rock bands!

Many band members have a secondary specialization, from arrangement and composition or lighting and sound, through to photography, merchandising, and videography.

The Band of His Majesty’s Royal Marines Collingwood has a dual role: entertaining and inspiring both troops and civilians; and deploying on RFA Argus as a fully operational military force. They have also deployed operationally in every major conflict since the Second World War. They fulfill around 340 ceremonial and concert commitments in the south and London every year, and deploy for exercises and training every two years. Band members are talented multi-taskers, all playing two or more instruments as well as maintaining their military skills ready for deployment whenever they’re needed."

The Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgium Guides - Belgium

"The Royal Band of the Belgian Guides Regiment consists of a Symphonic Band composed of 84 strictly selected artists and a Trumpeter Corps of 19 first class musicians. Due to its exceptional qualities, the band has incessantly fascinated many composers, ranging from Berlioz to Stravinsky, as well as large audiences in Belgium and abroad, since its foundation in 1832. This excellent symphonic band has always had as its principal vocation the defense of Belgian music and, especially of original Belgian wind band music. It pursuits this object by means of numerous concerts in Belgium and abroad as well as radio concerts and compact disc recordings.

Still today, famous foreign composers such as Roger Boutry and Derek Bourgeois and Belgian composers such as Frederic Devreese, François Glorieux and Robert Groslot call on the Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides to create their new compositions and record them on compact disc. The band’s origin dates back to 1832 when King Leopold I invited the conductor of the Band of the 1st Regiment of the Line, Jean Valentin Bender, to form a band, ‘The King’s Own’, attached to his personal guard. The successive illustrious conductors managed to increase constantly the quality of this band that soon was to be considered as one of the world’s foremost wind bands.

Successful concert tours in Canada, Spain, the USA, Thailand and Turkey, as well as numerous concerts in Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg and The Netherlands enlarged the band’s long list of achievements.

In November 2007 the ‘Royal Academy of Sciences, Literature and Arts of Belgium’ awarded the Arts Prize to the band.

Yves Segers is the conductor of the Guides Band since March 2008. He fervently continues the tradition perpetuated by his illustrious predecessors as is already illustrated by several remarkable recordings and numerous prestigious concerts often with renowned soloists.

In August 2011, the band had the privilege to be invited to perform at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow. As part of the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the National Orchestra of Belgium, the Guides Band was invited to join this orchestra for a performance of the Triumphal and Funeral Symphony of Hector Berlioz on June 8, 2012.

In September 2013, the band had the privilege to perform the very first concert attended by the new King, H.M. King Philip and H.M. Queen Mathilde."

Show and Marching Band Kunst & Genoegen - Netherlands

"Kunst en Genoegen or K&G Leiden is a music society from the Dutch city of Leiden . The association was founded in 1928 under the name Chr. Art and Pleasure Music Association . The association has approximately 245 members and consists of three orchestras, namely: the Show and Marching Band K&G (conducted by René Leckie), Jong K&G and K&G 3.

The show and marching band K&G, the showpiece of the association, was founded in 1928 as a mouth organ club, transformed over the years into a drum, pipe and trumpet corps and since the 1970s has grown into an orchestra with a line-up of drums , percussion, piccolos, flutes, saxes, trumpets, trombones, baritones and sousaphones.

The approximately 70 members aged 16 to 47 rehearse twice a week led by an experienced instruction team consisting of René Leckie, Jeroen Bron and Martijn Vogelaar (all instructors/arrangers) and Rik Boelee (choreography and exercise) and during the performances the orchestra is led by tambour master Justin Heemskerk. The repertoire currently consists of solid marches (English, Eastern European, American and Dutch) for the street, show music (theme: “Rock Solid” and “The Show must go on”), final and concert works.

In its 90-year existence, the orchestra has participated in many parades, parades and tattoos at home and abroad and has appeared several times during TV performances / TV broadcasts (including Opening Nederland 3, André van Duijn show, Christmas show with André van Duijn and Simone Kleinsma, May 5 Liberation Concert, Queen's Day in Leiden, Mini Football Show, Taptoe Breda, One of the Eight and the Surprise Show). They also performed a number of times for members of the Royal House, including at the wedding of Crown Prince Willem Alexander with Princess Máxima and for the then President of the USA, Mr. Bush Sr., during his visit to Leiden.

In their uniforms copied from the United States Marine Corps, the members of the Show and Marching Band guarantee perfect performances at home and abroad."

Massed Pipes and Drums - United Kingdom

They are one of the five battalions and an independent ceremonial Company of The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Horse Show - Switzerland

Kylian Nater - Switzerland

Kylian Nater is a violin virtuoso. At 13 years old, Kylian Nater is a member of the Orchester des j

Jeunes de la Suisse Romande (OJSR).

Recruit School Brass Band 16-2/2023 - Switzerland

Swiss Parawings - Switzerland

"The display team Swiss Parawings, newly founded in 2021, summarizes all demonstration jumps of the parachuting units of the Swiss Army and represents them in a uniform guise. The capabilities of the Swiss army are demonstrated at home and abroad in spectacular demonstrations close to the public."

Choeur De Mon Coeur - Switzerland

"Created by Francis Volery in 1981, The Choeur de mon Coeur (CMC) is a vocal and instrumental ensemble made up of around fifty young people aged 15 to 30. The CMC performs songs of all styles and from all eras on original arrangements. Accompanied by an orchestra made up of four musicians, the CMC also stands out by working on the staging and a script."

Marching out of the arena

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