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Packing, Errands, Saying our Goodbyes & Dinner with Friends

After a leisurely breakfast, packing was the first order of business today. Bags were not as heavy as I thought they would be.

Afterwards, Michael and I had a few errands to run. We also stopped at the bakery to buy a plum torte to take to Rosa Meirer. Had a wonderful visit this afternoon with her.

Rosa's father had needlepoint this pillow when she was only a young girl. Her father would lower and raise the barriers whenever a train passed. He taught himself needlepoint to pass the time between trains. We also learned today she speaks, Swiss German, High German, Italian, French and English. She is so amazing!!!

Walked by her apartment as the Old Age Home is at the end of Baumgarten, the street she used to live on.

The lady whose house is at the corner of Baumgarten and Helvetia Strasse has beautiful flowers.

Sylvia stopped by with some homemade apple jam for us to take home. Her parents from Zug are visiting and we were able to meet them at breakfast. Sylvia and her mother used the apples on the tree in the garden. Can't wait to try it when we get back to Scottsdale.

Michael and I usually take our bags the day before our departure to the train station in Interlaken West to be shipped ahead. Then, the next morning we pick them up at the train ticket office and cart them across the street to the airport. When we talked to Rebeka at the train station a few days ago, she told us about a service that Swiss Airlines does. They will actually pick up your bags at your home or hotel; tag them to your final destination and have them brought directly to the airport in Zürich. Before Covid, they would also bring your boarding passes but now the airlines have to check the Covid test results.

For dinner tonight, we went to Daniela and Wouter's house, which is in back of the Adventure Guest House. We were able to see Hannah, Norah and Daniela's mom, too. Daniela made a delicious pumpkin soup which is a favorite of Michael and mine. Yummy!!! Next, came the salad and the main was a lasagna. Very tasty. Wonderful evening.

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