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Meeting up with friends

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Today we stayed close to home and met with friends.

Our friend Rosa Meier, whom will be 102 on December 1st, just moved into the Altesheim (old folks home) a week ago. It was her decision to move. She has a lovely room facing the same direction as her old home. Actually, the Altesheim is just down the street from where she had lived. She has brought her own furniture, pictures, etc. and even some of her plants to make herself feel more comfortable.

It is a lovely modern facility!

Rosa spoke English during our visit. This is the only time she practices. She only speaks English when we visit each September. She is quite remarkable!!! She is bright, articulate, has a winning smile, has a green thumb, and a wonderful sense of humor.

Rosa is not the oldest person at the Altesheim. There is a lady who is 104. It must be the fresh mountain air.

This morning, when Michael and I went walking, we met Ferosa. She used to work years ago at the place we are staying. Ferosa worked for the previous owners, Dave and then Tanja. We caught up on all the news! She was so excited to see us!!!!!

Unterseen is a beautiful little community to walk through.

Large containers of flowers along the roadways.

I haven't seen straw flowers in many years.

Along the way around town, we stopped at the Woodpecker and talked with Gabriela and Felix. She was working on a bear carving. She is extremely talented!! She studied at the wood carving school in Brienz. The wood sculpture of Madonna and child is one of her pieces. It is even more beautiful in person. Over the years, we have purchased two angel sculptures from her. I even had a custom piece done for my sister.

We went to dinner with Tanja, Syrena and Manuel at the Restaurant Pizzeria Landhaus. Tanja's parents owned Sunny Days Bed and Breakfast originally. Then, Tanja ran it for awhile before selling it to the present owner, Marc, whom changed the name of the B & B to Adventure Guest House. We have known Tanja since she was a little girl.

It has been a terrific day!!! Love reconnecting with all our friends here.

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