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Fog, friends, and fun

It was supposed to be a sunny weekend but they can't predict the weather here either. Even though it didn't rain, it was a day for the ducks.

After breakfast, we went to the pharmacy to get our Covid test to reenter the U.S.A. The amount of paperwork to fill out was ridiculous but it is what it is when you now want to travel internationally.

The line was long but it moved rather quickly. They were extremely organized. We actually knew someone in line. Emmi was there with her three children. I remember her second child was born when we were last here.

Max and Käthi came down from Aachen, Germany to see us. They are camping in Ringgenberg which is about 4 to 5 miles (7.1 km) from where we are staying. They biked over and brought Hugo with them. He is a beautiful dog!!!

We walked around town, cruised Lake Brienz and stopped for refreshments.

From the boat, we could see their campground across the lake. Their camper is the red one on the left side.

Pictures with fog and clouds are so interesting.

Finishing up the meal with panna cotta

It is always fun to be with Max ans Käthi!!

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