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Cheese and chocolate

Today we went with Emily to Gruyères to have Raclette and then to Broc Fabrique to the Cailler chocolate factory to sample chocolate.

Most of the scene is made of chocolate.

The cows were scheduled to come down from the mountains and parade through Interlaken for the Alpabzug but there was no gathering at the farmer’s field this year. They cows would walk through the streets and then immediately be put on trucks to be brought to their farms. I liked when the cows could eat grass in the field so I could take better pictures. Hoping next year will be better.

We changed trains in Bern and in Bulle.

They are doing quite an extensive amount of railroad reconstruction at the Bulle train station, so the temporary platforms are quite a distance away from each other.

While eating our Raclette at the Hôtel de Ville in Gruyères, we saw some riders participating in the Open Bike Haute-Gruyère.

Many tourists in Gruyères

“The Open Bike Haute-Gruyère is a big festival of mountain biking in which everyone, both large and small, can take advantage both of a splendid route through 6 villages of Intyamon and a friendly, festive atmosphere in the village of Grandvillard.”

Our restaurant was across from the drink/ food stop so we had an excellent view.

Riding up the hill to the castle on those cobblestones is quite difficult! I could not do it.

“There is a route of choice for everyone: from 0.2 to 46 km, from 3 to 65 years of age. The riders go close to Lake Lessoc and through the historic town of Gruyères beneath the benevolent eyes of its castle, the most mythical part of the route.”

We walked up to the castle but certain areas that were once open are now closed off.

We took the train from Gruyères back to Bulle but had to take a bus down to Broc Fabrique as the train tracks have all been torn out. Wondering if they will ever put the tracks back or if the buses are here to stay. Personally, I prefer taking the train.

Two days ago, you could not visit Cailler unless you had a Swiss QR code. No problem today getting to go on the tour at Cailler as the government came out with new rulings on Friday. The receptionist just checked the Covid card and our passports. By the time we arrived most of the crowds were gone so we went directly on the short tour.

Early posters and box covers

Chocolate only available to nobility

During the Inquisition it was forbidden to drink the bitter chocolate during Lent. Then, the Jesuits allowed it.

The French drank the hot chocolate lying down in bed.

During the French revolution, Marie Antoinette ordered hot chocolate as you last meal before she was beheaded.

You can’t handle and taste the nuts, cocoa butter and the cocoa beans. You can only smell through holes in the plastic.

Cocoa beans

cocoa butter


hazel nuts

You can watch a production line which makes the Branch chocolates.

What is chocolate good for?

Use all your senses when you eat your chocolate

Unfortunately, because of Covid, all the tasting sample pieces are individually wrapped but you still could take as many as you wanted.

Of course, like any good tour, you exit right into the store or gift shop.

What's your favorite?

Do you like bars? There is a wall of bars to choose from.


We needed baking cocoa.

Michael and I are going back next Saturday to take a class to make Luxemburgerli, macarons.

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