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Breakfast with a view

We are staying at the Innside. The hotel has a terrace on the fifth floor rooftop where you can enjoy views of the city. Guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or a drink at the bar. It was a beautiful place to start the day with a yummy breakfast.

The Aachen Rathaus off in the distance

The Aachen Dom

The Dom and the Rathaus

There was a huge and wonderful breakfast selection.

The Heinen dental office has changed so much since our last visit. It is state of the art!!!

Käthi's father's art work graces the walls throughout the office. So beautiful!

Only Max!

The back garden is lovely as ever. I remember years ago they had a pet tortoise roaming the garden.

Max had the ceiling in his office restored. Magnificent!

Watched the tents going up.

Can't wait for tomorrow.......

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