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Blausee (Blue Lake)

This is the first time Michael and I have visited the Blausee. We had a wonderful walk and a delicious trout meal. It was cloudy when we first arrived, but the sun eventually peered through.

Surrounded by enchanted nature and high mountains there lies the small, turquoise blue lake. Blausee is supposed to be a place of power where you can relax and enjoy nature at its best.

"After a short walk of 200 meters (656 feet) through the traffic-free nature park you will reach the world-famous lake with crystal clear water in the most beautiful shades of blue. The impressive nature is reminiscent of a fairy tale landscape. Be enchanted by the gnarled trees, the moss-covered boulders and recharge your batteries in this unique place of power. No matter whether autumn, winter, spring or summer, the Blausee is always an attraction."

"Once upon a time, the lovely little lake in the upper Kander Valley looked different than it does today. Its water was no different from other small mountain waters. But there lived near its banks a girl who had turned her heart to a shepherd boy. Often on bright moonlit nights the two of them went to the alpine lake surrounded by ancient fir trees, on which the boy had set a boat to pass the time. They then dreamed away friendly hours of their young lives on the silver waters. Then, the boy fell to his death over a rock wall while he was trying to bring in hay in a rope cloth, high in the Flühen. The girl was heartbroken from that moment on. At midnight it often crept to the hidden soul and mourned for the boy. Little by little the girl's senses became confused. The parents' warning was in vain to give up the nightly visits. A mysterious force kept drawing the unfortunate woman there. One morning the ship and its skipper were found at the bottom of the water. From that hour onwards the soul had taken on a deep blue color. People say that they are the tears of unhappy love and that the water is as blue as the eyes of the unhappy girl once were."

"During the summer you can experience completely new insights and perspectives at Blausee. With the glass-bottom rowing boat you can glide gently over the crystal clear water and learn a lot of interesting facts about this little natural wonder. Although the turquoise-blue, crystal-clear lake is only 17 meters (56 feet) away from the Kander, it is different water: The Blausee is fed by the groundwater flow from the Kandertal. The extraordinary color of the water comes from its clarity: Since only the blue portion of the light is absorbed, the water appears a wonderful blue. The tree trunks and rocks, which are up to 12 meters (39 feet) under water, seem to lie just below the surface. The glass-bottom rowing boat ride is included in the entrance fee."

"Right next to the water house with toilet facilities is the playground with some nice picnic areas and fireplaces with firewood (available at the restaurant in the evening).

"Let the children run wild in the spacious natural playground and enjoy a stress-free day. The huge shingle roof of the water house offers protection and security in the event of a thunderstorm."

"Blausee organic trout farm.

Mountain spring water with rainbow and salmon trout. The Blausee offers the ideal basis for life for our rainbow and salmon trout: the mineral-rich, clean mountain spring water of the lake is of excellent quality and feeds the trout farm. The unique, slow growth of the fish and our breeding philosophy of “quality over quantity” make the Blausee trout a high-quality and pure natural product. All Blausee Forelle products can be purchased locally in the shop, in the restaurant or by post.

"Blue Lake Trout The Blausee offers an ideal basis for life for our trout: thanks to the best water quality, slow growth of the fish and our breeding philosophy of “quality over quantity”, the Blausee trout are a high-quality and pure natural product. The trout lives in spacious ponds and pools with shaded areas, running water and back areas where they can rest. The fish are kept at comparably low stocking densities. There are extensive ecological requirements to protect the surrounding waters. The preventive use of medication and the addition of artificial colors to the feed are not permitted in breeding. Vegetable feed ingredients come from controlled agriculture. The necessary animal proteins are supplied via fish meals and oils, which are produced during the processing of fish and are used in an ecologically sensible way. The prescribed breeding period of at least 18 months results in a valuable and high-quality product."

There is a nice hotel to stay in, too.

Of course, we needed to try the trout at the restaurant. There is a picnic area and further on the restaurant.

Michael and I had the whole organic Blausee trout blue with horseradish sauce, parsley potatoes and baked vegetables. Delicious, yummy, filling.....

To start, there were four different kinds of bread with an herb soft cheese. So different and tasty.

This white wine is from Spiez. It is a favorite of ours! I hear people saying, "Yuck?" Tasty!!!!!!

So meaty

The vegetables were baked carrots, squash, red onion, and beets. The potatoes were rolled in parsley butter.

Beautiful view from the table.

Wonderful time exploring the Blausee!

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