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Beautiful day for walking

Well, we were going to take the train to Chur today but we changed our minds at breakfast. We will be going to Cailler tomorrow for a macarons class. That involves a three hour each way train ride. Instead, we went to lunch at Neuhaus on Lake Thun. On the way back from lunch we walked along the lake and the Weissenau nature preserve.

The weather was perfect. Sunny sky with the temperature around 74. It was a meal with a beautiful view. I could watch the boats come in and let off or pick up passengers. People were canoeing, sailing, sunbathing, fishing.....

We both started with the cream of pumpkin soup. This soup is a favorite of ours and we always look forward to having some when we are in Switzerland.

Besides cream in the soup, there was a nice cream froth on top. The pumpkin seeds were toasted, too. Yummy!!!

Michael had the perch fillets sautéed in butter with parsley, seasonal vegetables and potatoes.

I had the Neuhaus fish pot.

The fish was very fresh! The butter made it extra delicious!!! The vegetables were al dente. Perfect meal.

"Weissenau Castle is a ruined castle in Unterseen. The castle was first mentioned in the historic record as castrum Wissenowe in 1298. It is unclear whether it was built by the Lords of Rotenfluh (Unspunnen) and then given in fief to the Freiherr of Weissenau or if it was built by the Weissenau family as the center of their estates. The castle was built on what was an island at the mouth of the Aare River into Lake Thun. In the intervening centuries, the waterway silted up and the island became connected to shore. The market town of Widen grew up across the channel from the castle and in 1362 was connected to the castle by a bridge. Around 1334, the Freiherr of Weissenau joined other local nobles in a war against the growing power of the city of Bern. After the defeat of the nobles, Weissenau was forced to sell the castle and Widen to Interlaken Abbey to pay his debts. In 1365, the Abbey moved the weekly markets and yearly fair away from Widen and to the village of Aarmühle (which is now Interlaken). Losing the market devastated Widen and it began to decline."

Michael and I walked "the planets" many years ago.

Dragonflies blend in so well

Hundreds of butterflies along the pathways

Loved walking through the tree tunnels.

Frau Meier's Old Folks Home

The tips of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau

The white spot on the grass is actually a very large cat.

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