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50 Shades of Green

Today was a "change my mind, change my mind" kind of day. Michael and I were going to tour Fribourg, but just before the train reached Bern, I decided we should go back to Gruyères. I wanted a few more tablecloths and table runners. I knew Michael would never turn down another opportunity to have raclette. Maybe this time, they would have raspberries and Gruyères double cream.

When you are in this area of Switzerland, the color green dominates the landscape. Different trees display different shades of green depending on their variety. Fields upon fields of different shades of green grasses and shrubs.

Large dairy farms

The hayed fields differ in color to those which have not been.

As the train stopped at these little villages, I could see clover, pink crocus, and white lace flowers growing in the fields. This is what the cows will be eating.

Fields upon fields for miles upon miles of cut drying grass.

Large dairy farms

The next time you eat Gruyère cheese, you have an idea of the region from whence it came.

The path leads you up or down from the Gruyères train station to the village of Gruyères at the top of the hill.

Small clusters of homes amongst the fields of green and patches of trees.

Patchwork of green

I believe the toboggan run is the small curving path of silver.

The medieval village of Gruyères is tiny. The main street the runs through the village is a mere 300 meters (984 feet) long so you can walk from one end to the other in a few minutes.

Restaurants, hotels, museums, cafes, and shops line this cobblestone street. Even though it is a short walk, it is a spectacular walk with the view of green rolling hills and mountains surrounding the village.

There were 5 tour buses in the parking lot. We talked to a couple from Alabama.

The waitress we had the other day recognized us.

I like to build mine up: bread. sliced potatoes, gherkins, crispy top racelette cheese.

We had a second slice. Perfect amount. Certainly have had enough calcium today.

Tawny port to go with dessert.

Gruyères double cream

Michael had the double cream, a meringue and the fresh raspberries. This was a huge cheat for him! I had a taste of the meringue. It actually melted in my mouth. These meringues were different from the ones I have had from Meiringen.

The Nespresso Plant in Romont is expanding.

The area around Bern is potato country. The website features information and recipes about potatoes.

Oh, yes, I spent a fair amount of "green" on tablecloths and runners.

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