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Wengen, Switzerland

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Today is our last full day in Switzerland. Michael and I have had a terrific time first in Germany and now in Switzerland. So many happy memories!!!! We ate so many different foods and hopefully with all the walking we have done, we have not added too much to the hips.

Before breakfast this morning, we took the luggage to the train station to be shipped ahead to the airport in Zürich. We have used this service for years. We have to take the 4:56 AM train tomorrow morning and this way we don't have to schlep the bags off and on the train when we change trains in Bern.

Thick fog this morning when we awoke. The air is damp but crisp. Had rosy cheeks when we got back from taking the luggage over to the train station.

You see all sorts of sights at the train station. For example, there were at least 8 people with long (down to their ankles) very puffy down filled coats. Nothing unusual, except they all had on sneakers with no socks. No nylons on either. It really was bare skin. These were men as well as women. Hopefully, they had fur insoles to keep the feet warm.

Many Asians wearing surgical masks in a variety of colors. Either they have a cold and don't want to spread germs or they don't want to catch anything. Surprised to see more Asians visiting this time of year than in September.

Met up with Tanja, Syrena and Manuel this morning. So nice to be able to give them a hug and to talk in person. Syrena is going to be seven in a few weeks. Where has the time gone??? It seems like yesterday we received the news she was born.

Over the years, I have written about the Jungfrau. Here is another interesting fact that was written in the hotel daily newsletter.

"The female Augustinians had their own alps on the northwest side of the Jungfrau, just like they used to have in Wengen and Wengernalp. People just used to call them Jungfrau mountains.

That is the reason why during time, people started giving these alps on which the nuns used to work the name "Jungfrau" and it has never changed since then.

We decided to spend the rest of the day in Wengen. It was foggy in Interlaken but the fog gave way to partial sun once we reached Lauterbrunnen.


Stopped in the "Swiss Made Shop" to chat with Kathi. She was so surprised to see us. I love to shop at this store.

During this stay in the Berner Oberland, I wanted to try sledding, but when I saw how steep the hills were, I changed my mind.

Not sure my balance is that good for this either.

Can you spot the gold and the red cable cars and not the red to warn off helicopters? Hope those avalanche barriers work well.

Looking down the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Too bad the sky wasn't blue in this direction.

Such a haunting sound!

The sound of the horns echoed around the mountains.

There are benches just below the hedges in front of the tower. This is where we sit and look down the Lauterbrunnen Valley. This is one of Michael's favorite places in Wengen.

They take curling very seriously in Wengen. Curling equipment.

The instructor is in the black sweater. It was so strange to watch them curling as this is the location where the cheese festival is held in September.

She placed it dead center. The instructor even came from the other side and took a picture! I think everyone was surprised!

He came very close, too.

They have curling championships in Wengen. There are four additional places on the outside of the tent.

There is no charge for skating in Wengen.

Hockey anyone?

This looks like fun, too.

This is Max, mister personality. He is such an adorable little boy!!!! So much energy!!!!!!!

This race is televised back home. This past January, they had to cancel the race one day due to high winds. The ladies in the red jackets are on the ski patrol.

Of course, we headed to Città Vecchia for dinner. Need to have the Rusticana pizza one more time. People without reservations were turned away but they always make room for us.

We learned of a couple more changes happening in the Interlaken area. The Goldener Anker restaurant was sold. We will miss seeing Jeannette and Rene. She was a wonderful hostess and he was the exceptional chef. The veal steak with a morel cream sauce was extraordinary. I enjoyed when the dollop of cream melted and oozed into the sauce. It was served with homemade buttered noodles. They tried to serve fresh local food. In the Fall, they would even include the name of the hunter whom shot the game. Our favorite bakery in Wengen is closing after 28 years. Change, change, change.... I'm a Taurus and we do not like change.

The Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel has to have the prettiest decorations in town.

Another fantastic day comes to a close as does our vacation.

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