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Winter in July at the Phoenix Zoo Phoenix, Arizona

If I hadn't checked my calendar, I would have missed Winter in July at the Phoenix Zoo. This is one of my favorite zoo events!!! The zoo was transformed into a winter wonderland. There were nearly 50 tons of snow for animals and children to enjoy. Children could also splash around at the wet and wild play areas or they could watch the animals enjoy icy treats and play with the snow.

Winter in July 2018 at the Phoenix Zoo was capped off with everyone's favorite event, Reba's shower massage thanks to the Phoenix Fire Department! Elephants have very thick skin and the high-pressure water stream from the hose is like a massage for Reba, an Asian elephant. Each of the elephants at the zoo receive daily showers from their keepers as part of their routine care but Reba especially enjoys her annual Winter in July shower.

The fire fighters hosed down Reba as well as the crowd.

Reba danced and trumpeted with joy!

She also dunked her head in the pool.

Large crowd to play in the snow.

You could even color the snow!

There were games to play

There was a DJ! The channel 5 CBS truck was parked close by.

Anyone for a picture with Winnie the Pooh?

Plenty of free gifts. (lemonade, backpacks, fans, masks, candy, sunscreen.......)

Animals and birds in the Savanna area

The lion and the lioness were more interested in sleeping.

The rhino was more interested in tearing the treat box apart.

The collard peccary or javelina live in tight social groups. They worked together to push the ice treat down the small hill to break it up so they could get the treats inside.

The aldabra tortoise is able to drink through their nostrils. They can obtain water from the tiniest, shallowest pools thanks to a flat snout and an internal flap that prevents water from entering the lungs.

Mandrill monkey

Wonder what he is thinking about! Was he sent to "time out?"

One of my favorite animals to photograph are the Hamadryas baboons. Today, the male was a little grouchy so the females kept a close watch for him as they ate and they stayed out of his way!

The cheetahs lounged under the tree.

The African painted dogs paced and paced. As is typical for this species, these painted dogs are frequently sorting out their hierarchy structure and determining who is "top dog." There are only 3,000- 5,000 African painted dogs left in the wild. Habitat loss and extermination campaigns have made them one of the rarest carnivores in Africa.

Playful otters

The maned wolf is sometimes called a "fox on stilts." Its long legs help it see over the tall vegetation of its grassland habitat.

Giant anteater. Its diet consists of ants, termites and grubs

Monkey Village is an open exhibit where squirrel monkeys scamper through bushes and trees just inches away. As the only walk-through squirrel monkey exhibit in the United States, this is a must-see on your visit to the zoo! Loved watching the squirrel monkeys!!!!!!! I happened to be there when an assistant put out more treats. The monkeys were cute, inquisitive, quick, naughty, funny.......

I had just as much fun watching the orangutans. The orangutans have an indoor and outdoor area where you can watch them. I found it a little more challenging to photograph through the glass but I did capture a few good pictures of them enjoying opening up boxes filled with treats.

Looking for more treats

I could have spent more time watching them play.

It is always fun and exciting to visit the Phoenix Zoo.

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