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Lake Thun, Switzerland Tea and Cake with Frau Meie

This morning, we decided to take a boat ride on Lake Thun. It was such a lovely morning!

Stopped and had lunch at Neuhaus.

Leaves are starting to change colors.

The water in the lake is so clear.

We couldn't decide on what to eat. The waiter recommended the trout if we wanted something very local and freshly caught right out of the lake early this morning. Great suggestion!! We both wanted a salad and this restaurant had a great salad bar with so many choices.

Then we both had the trout pan fried in butter. Excellent choice! The trout came with seasonal vegetables and a choice of boiled potatoes, rice, Gruyere cheese risotto or rosemary potatoes. Michael had the yellow salted boiled potatoes and I had the cheese risotto.

The waiter even filleted the fish at the table.

There was a bevy of swans swimming by where we sat outside. Assuming they were the parents and the children. So comical to watch!!!! I found them to be just as amusing as the bears in the Bear Park in Bern. So much fun watching them!

Swans usually mate for life, though "divorce" does sometimes occur, particularly following nesting failure, and if a mate dies, the remaining swan will take up with another. The number of eggs in each clutch ranges from three to eight.

Swans feed in the water and on land. They are almost entirely herbivorous, although they may eat small amounts of aquatic animals. In the water, food is obtained by up-ending or dabbling, and their diet is composed of the roots, tubers, stems and leaves of aquatic and submerged plants.

Young swans are known as swanlings or as cygnets. An adult male is a cob, from Middle English cobbe (leader of a group); an adult female is a pen.

We were on the Berner Oberland, a beautiful ship.

I always think this section reminds me of one of Jacqui Lawson's cards.

Love the scenery along the lake.

Spent part of the afternoon at Frau Meier's house. She had us over for tea and homemade cake. Frau Meier is such a special lady. The cake was still warm. While talking with her, she explained this was actually from a muffin recipe. The recipe book uses a base dough to create a hundred different types of muffins but she makes it into a cake. To change the recipe, all she does is add different fruits or nuts. Today, she added a Swiss plum; which is a specialty this time of year. The cake looked wonderful and it tasted even better!!!! Frau Meier loves her whipped cream so our pieces (Of course, she insisted we have a second piece and whom are we to refuse such a kind offer.) had a huge dollop of whipped cream on top.

Frau Meier loves her flowers. The flowers in her garden are beautiful. I think all her work keeps her young in mind, body and spirit. She has a beautiful smile and she also has a great sense of humor. We all had such fun laughing at some of her stories!!!!! She is a fascinating lady to spend time with. Hope to be able to see her and spend time with her for many more years to come.

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