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Kambly Biscuit Factory Trubschachen, Switzerland

When I looked out the window this morning, I did not wake up to rain but to snow on the mountain tops!!!!

As we were going down to breakfast, of course, the rain started again.

So..... we decided to go to Kambly.

Took the train to Bern then switched to one that will take us to Trubschachen.

I spotted the Kambly train when we were leaving Bern.

The first Kambly train was put into service to coincide with Kambly's 100 year anniversary in 2010. For six years, the locomotive- hauled EWIII model served the Bern-Trubschachen-Luzern route, delighting train enthusiasts.

A new portion working concept has now been introduced and all trains used on the Bern- Trubschachen- Luzern route must be compatible. This means the present Kaambly train can no longer be used on its original route, but it is still being used by the BLS on the Bern- Neuchâtel-La Chaux-de-Fonds route.

Trubschachen is located in the Emmental region. The houses here look differently from houses in other sections of the country.

Kambly is a Swiss biscuit (cookie) factory. It was founded in 1910 by Oscar Kambly.

Oscar met a girl that lived in Trubschachen in the Emmental Valley. It was a true love story!!! In 1906, when he went to visit her, he made her a biscuit from his grandmother"s recipe. In 1910, he starts his own company and the rest is history.

The oldest product is the "Bretzeli" which was invented by Oscar Kambly and produced since 1906.

Today, Kambly is Switzerland's largest biscuit producer and leading exporter. Kambly is represented in more than 30 countries. It is the most famous and most liked biscuit brand in Switzerland.

There are two factories, one in Trubschachen and one in Lyss. Oscar Kambly, who founded the factory, led it from 1910 - 1953. Oscar Kambly the third has now been the administrator since 1983.

They have a new demonstration area where you can learn the history of the company and the art of biscuit making. Quite fascinating.

They have been putting their biscuits in tins since the founding of the company. They have the Kambly Art Collection displayed on the back walls.

This is the 2017 winning tin box.

You can take your pick of over 100 varieties of biscuits to try. Your senses really get a work out! You can try any and all the different varieties. So yummy!!!!!! You can't eat just one or five or ten......

They have introduced a new biscuit made of beets. It is quite delicious!! They also include a recipe for a dip you can use it with. Guests at our next dinner party can give this a try, too. You would never know this was a biscuit from beets!!

A trip to Kambly would not be complete without a visit with Franziska. About five years ago, Tanja, Yolie, Ferosa (the ladies whom worked at Sunny Days), Michael and I took a biscuit making class at Kambly. The next year, only Michael and I took the class. Franziska was our instructor both times. We always make it a point to stop by and say hello. She is such a warm , pleasant and wonderful person. Kambly is lucky to have such a great employee!!!

This year, we did not see Franziska so Michael asked one of the girls working behind the chocolate making counter. The girl said: "Oh, you are the Americans who stop by every September." Franziska was upstairs doing paperwork and she came down for a short visit. She always remembers our names. So nice to be able to talk with her for a few minutes and catch up on all her activities and travels.

Of course, we need our yearly picture.


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