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Favorite Unspunnen Memories

These are some of my favorite pictures. They may not be the best picture I took; but they are special to me.

Of all the children's groups I heard singing, this one was my favorite. I also think the little boy in the middle of the picture is adorable. He also had an impish look to him. He was so happy and excited to be there singing with his group.

The children were so exhausted from dancing. Loved their hats hanging on their backs.

This lady was sitting in the VIP section during the opening ceremony. I asked her if I could take her picture as I loved her hat. She was very happy to do so and we talked for a few minutes. Her husband is standing behind her. He came over later and talked with me, too. I should have asked both of them to pose for a picture but..... Since I talked to so many people that evening, I forgot where they lived. The man to the left is a fireman. He was on the scene of the building accident. He was also a referee for the steinstossen.

Sponsors contributed these gifts to the winners. This is only a small sampling. The woodcarvings were beautiful!! Such skill, patience and time needed to create these priceless pieces of art.

The young girls are the Unspunnen Ambassadors whom attend each event.

This is one of my favorite pictures! For the opening ceremony, he carried a flag from one of the cantons.

I love the far off look of wonder. Is this the look a man had before he went into battle? Was he thinking about family? I will never know but I will always remember this man and his look.

A cheering packed stadium greeted the men at the Schwingen. The wrestlers put on their Schwingerhosen and began to wrestle in one of the four locations. I liked how the winner brushed off the sawdust from the losers back. It is sign of respect for an opponent.

Appreciated the time, effort and creativity of all the artisans' crafts.

Skill, strength and determination are needed to throw the different size rocks.

A smaller size rock that is thrown using one hand.

This is the 184.1 pound rock thrown using two hands.

For me, this will always be my Swiss version of a "Hallmark Moment".

Father wants to share his love of the steinstossen with his son.

At first, the son wants nothing to do with throwing the stone.

Finally, the son lets the father show him how it is done.

The son attempts to throw the stone.

Success! Priceless......

A friend of the family and the boy's sister come and help.

Now, watch how the people in the stands are encouraging the young boy.

It does not matter how far the rock was thrown!

Success!!! "Hallmark Moment" for the boy, his family and the people whom witnessed his first throw!


Swiss heroes. "William Tell", a Swiss legendary hero who symbolized the struggle for political and individual freedom, meets Jan Lochbihler, a 2016 Summer Olympian who competed in the men's 50 meter rifle three positions event and was a medal winner in this year's European Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan.

No other Swiss person is so widely known as Wilhelm (William) Tell, the Swiss National Hero of Liberty - thanks to the German poet Friedrich von Schiller and his drama Wilhelm Tell. William Tell's picture can be seen on the back of coins worth 5 Swiss Francs (largest coin in Switzerland). The very legend of William Tell itself did have an enormous influence on the history of Switzerland and of other countries. The William Tell Overture was even played during the closing ceremony.

This man shared his knowledge to young and old on the art of flag throwing.

Enjoyed listening to Ländler Panaché and their toe tapping music!

Swiss Ländler Gamblers

Look at the lady with the rust colored skirt, whose back is to you. Now, look at her dance partner. He certainly knows how to hold his woman and look happily into her eyes.

He swung her around and whatever he said to her definitely made her laugh!!!!

The steinstossen draws a small intimate crowd

The winning toss.

Steinstossen champion for his category!!!

Generations enjoying all the festivities

I like these two pictures of the man and part of his alphorn. Found this man to be quite fascinating!!! The pictures are similar but I get a totally different feeling when I look at each. He moved his eyes only slightly. I couldn't choose so I included both.

Spoke with her for a few minutes. She hopes the tradition of alphorn playing carries on for many more generations. She was excited to be here at the Unspunnen and share her love of the alphorn.

Her alphorn has been handed down from among family members. Love the mountain flowers and the Swiss flag.

The program had this to say about the Air Force. "The official aerobatic team of the Swiss Air Force is the figurehead of the Swiss Army and demonstrates the precision, capability and commitment of the Swiss Air Force." They kept buzzing the Höhematte. Dogs, sheep and goats in that location went crazy!! At different times, over the loudspeakers, they played the communication between the pilots. The snow covered mountains were a beautiful backdrop.

This couple from Basel stayed at Sunny Days for a week. We would talk each morning at breakfast.

The little girl is asleep in the cart. Her shoes dragged on the pavement. Keep dreaming, my little girl. In twelve years, you may be an Unspunnen Ambassador.

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