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Unspunnen Day 9 Parade

Day 9 of the Unspunnen festival centered around the parade and the closing ceremony.

I forgot to tell you about the transformation of the arena where they held the schwingen. If you remember from the pictures, it was a grass field with four sawdust areas for the wrestling.

At first, I wondered how they were going to transform it for dancing on Saturday and for the closing ceremony. Well, they put tar down on the area.

Can't imagine the work it will take to dismantle everything. Knowing how efficient they have been this week, they will probably have everything put back in its place by this weekend when they host the Jungfrau marathon.

I decided to pay the extra Swiss Francs for reserved seating across from the Victoria Jungfrau Hotel. Not sure I could stand for the two hours. Also, I was afraid of people pushing and shoving and not being able to take pictures.

Everyone wanted the best view of the parade.

I arrived later than I had expected as I forgot my Unspunnen badge back at the room. There was one seat in the front row still available. Perfect seat!!!!!!

Migros had printed up programs which included a description of the 71entries in the parade. Now, when I am back in Scottsdale, I can make a Unspunnen movie and include a better commentary on the parade pictures.

Also included in the program was the description of the closing ceremony starting with the overture at 13:30 and finishing at 16:00.

At any given moment, you could refer to the book and see whom was performing on the field. So organized!!!! Everything ran on time!

Animals were well represented in the parade. There were horses, dogs, cows, sheep, goats and dogs.

Regional food specialties and drinks were passed out among the crowd. I had enough food for lunch and for snacks for the next couple days. I was given an apple, a pear, cheese from at least six different regions, many different varieties of candies, chocolates, chips, canapes, salami and so many tasty homemade baked cookies. I was even handed three packets of sugar. Switzerland grows their own sugar beets. They use Swiss sugar in making their chocolate. Think I forgot a few food items, too. Oh, I even got a shopping bag from the shooting museum in Bern.

I did have a little wine sampling and I took the bottle of water but I passed on the beer.

There were marching bands.....


People walking and representing their canton.

People dancing along the parade route.

The last entry... the clean up crew. Have to have everything looking spotless.

At the closing ceremony the winners of the steinstossen and schwigen were introduced.

Here is the schwingen winner. He is the most important champion of the week, if I had to guess. He had an escort around the arena. Much applause!!!!!

Winner of the steinstossen.

You should recognize him!!!

There were a few speeches; performances by bell ringers, flag throwers; choir singing, yodeling, dancing, singing of the National Anthem and so much more.

I had such a special and fantastic 9 day Unspunnen adventure. What a unique opportunity to experience Swiss culture and people.

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