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Unspunnen Day 3

It is day three of the Unspunnen.

Before I forget, I have some additional information about the steinstossen and the schwingen.

The steinstossen yesterday was for amateurs. The man whom stayed in room 1 with his family was entered into the event. Also, Peter Michel, whom many considered to be the favorite, tripped on the thin rubber mat and fell. I feel he lost his concentration and eventually lost the competition. He lost his temper, ripped the mat and threw his sneakers. Ya think he lost his concentration? It is an image I will long remember. You just had to be there. I think he is also from Interlaken.

Traditionally, schwingen is a male sport. Women's schwingen is a more recent phenomenon, and the Frauenschwingverband, or Women's Schwingen Association, was founded in 1992.

Members of a pure schwingen club are called Sennenschwinger and wear dark trousers and a colored shirt, usually bright blue. Members of a broader sports club with a schwingen section are called Turnerschwinger, and wear white pants and a white T-shirt.

Advertising and sponsoring are shunned at Schwingen. Successful Schwingers do not receive cash prizes, but goods such as cowbells, furniture or livestock. Peter had sponsor logos on his hat and shirt.

The best schwingers at a festival are awarded a wreath. Schwingers who receive a wreath at an Eidgenössische or national tournament are called Eidgenossen (confederates). Good Schwingers at national level are called "Böse" (wicked).

A winner of the Eidgenössische is given the lifetime title of Schwingerkönig (Schwinger king), which includes some privileges such as being a guest of honor at every Eidgenössische.

There were so many Bernese mountain dogs around town today. I just loved this little guy!!!!! He was so cute, playful and friendly. I wonder what TeTe and Switzee would think if I brought him home? I probably know what Michael would say.

Today is a slow day as far as Unspunnen activities go. There is a market at the casino and a dinner tonight.

I went to the market and am forgoing the dinner. It would have been fun to go with someone. I'm sure Michael would have enjoyed the meal but he would have hated the crowds. I definitely know I would have been warmly accepted if I sat down at a table but I felt they would have tried to speak English to be gracious to a stranger.

There were beautiful homemade crafts. There were baskets, glass works, ceramics, bells.....

They even sold the hot and cold marmot compound that we bought last year at the market in Spiez. Love this product!

On the way to the market, I sat and watched the paragliders come falling down onto the grassy area of the Höhematte. It is mostly the Asian and Arab tourists whom keep the paragliding companies in business. I may be wrong, though. And.... there are quite a few companies vying for that business. The whole flight experience is filmed. Great to see their expressions when they see a short clip of their flight.

Today, I watched a group from Korea come down. How did I know they were Korean? The little girl had an emblem of the flag on her jacket. Grandparents and small children sat on the benches and waited for their family members to come soaring down. I love to sit and listen for the screams when they corkscrew down to land.

Have I ever been up? No. Would I like to go up? Definitely not!!!!! I don't have a death wish. I would fall like a ton of bricks!!!! Paragliding, helicopter flying, bungee jumping, etc. They are all in the same category. Over the years, Tanja has introduced me to many of the fliers. I trust the people but I have no desire to do it. Fun to watch them pack up the wing.

If any of you ever come to Interlaken, I can find you the perfect tandem partner to take you up.

I just love to "people watch" and the Höhematte is the place to do it! The Victoria Jungfrau is across the street from the Höhematte. This is also the place where the tour buses drop off their passengers. Actually, it is a little farther down by the casino in front of the shops. This is the starting point to take a carriage ride around town, too.

When I think of the word clean, Switzerland and parts of Germany come to mind.

Yesterday, I couldn't believe how clean they kept the stadium. One team kept walking round and round to make sure there was no trash on the ground. At one of the dining halls, crews constantly walked around picking up trash and bottles. Usually, people picked up after themselves, though. Tables and benches were constantly being washed down.

So many dogs out today. Dogs were definitely well trained. Doggie litter bags are everywhere. We have them in our neighborhood but they are seldom used. If they are used, the owners leave the wrapped up poop bag on your lawn. Of course, they don't want to carry it for the rest of their walk and they hope to pick it up on the return trip which they never do.

Recognized many people I saw the last couple days. I have to be easy to spot, too. I'm the one in shorts and I'm taking pictures with a camera instead of an IPhone. Maybe they think I'm part of the Press because a large percentage of them wear shorts, also. It was 80 degrees and quite humid. Definitely not a day for long pants. Canon cameras also outnumber Nikon by an extremely large amount.

We learned last year they want to do away with shopping bags in Switzerland. You can still get one but they charge. I remembered and took my fold up nylon one to carry my groceries.

I can't buy just one tasty yoghurt. If you are a yoghurt lover, you would be in heaven with all the tasty choices. I brought back lemon; rhubarb and vanilla; banana and hazelnut. I have already had the lemon as a snack. I get spoiled here and it is hard to go back to eating the yoghurt back home.

For dinner tonight, I had a picnic by the inlet waterway. Beautiful view of the mountains and the rushing water.

Remember that most days I also post additional pictures without a description under the Travel Showcase tab.

Good evening from Sunny Days!

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