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Typical Day in Interlaken, Switzerland

First of all, I want to apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes I might make. The auto correct on my IPad and MacBook Pro sometimes have a mind of their own. Also, it is late in the day; I am tired and I don't always catch things. Rick Steves shows bloopers so I can have typing mistakes. Don't know what happened to the words Middle Ages in yesterday's posts!

Twisty really wanted into the breakfast room this morning. Christine isn't here so Twisty was kept outside.

For the last couple days, five rooms have been rented out for a family reunion. They are from Holland. Very nice and friendly. Yesterday, they went hiking around the Trümmelbach Falls in the morning and in the afternoon they took a boat ride on Lake Brienz.

My phone rang at 4 AM and woke me up. It was from an unknown number! Hate those robo calls

This morning after breakfast I went to the Interlaken Tourist Office to reserve a seat for next Sunday's parade. It is supposed to last two hours so I don't want to stand with people whom are pushing to get a view of the parade.

While I was there, I also picked up the Unspunnen packet with my badge, wrist band, map, pin, food coupons and a few other things for the Unspunnen event. I was the first one to do so. The man whom was helping me didn't want to miss anything so when it was all said and done, I had four people prepare my packet. I asked to try on the wrist band which will get me into all the events. I didn't know how to attach it. I had difficulty getting it off after I finally learned how to put it on. He couldn't figure it out so he cut it off. Then we found out, you can't take it off once it is on your wrist. You have to wear it for the whole week. I can even shower or swim with it left on. We all kept laughing and laughing.

When I got back home, Tanja picked me up so I could get my luggage that I had sent by train. Then, we went to her house before we went to Bönigen to pick up Syrena from school. This is Syrena's weekend with Marc so we hopped on the train and went to Zermatt.

Do you think I remembered my camera? No............. I did take a couple pictures of the main square but they are on my phone and I don't know how to transfer them to this program. Oh, well.

Had a picnic dinner of chicken, rolls and hazelnut youghurt. Yummy dinner!

I wanted to check out what was going on at the Unspunnen venue. I found out where one of the places I will sit for the dancing. So excited!!

When I was almost at the Unspunnen event, I saw Simon getting ready to get in the van with someone whom wanted to go paragliding.

On the way back to the room I saw Emmi, Leo and Brandon. Nice to catch up.

Not much else happening today.

Even though the event has not officially open, we did have many people wandering around.

Good night and sleep well!!!!

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