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There is always a reason...

September 26, 2019

There is always a reason why things happen the way they do.

Today was a good example of that.

When we got up to take a shower this morning, we found there was no hot water. So.... went to breakfast to check if it was only our room or did the whole house have the problem.

We found the burner in the furnace was broken.

Jen was very apologetic to the guests as they came down for breakfast. The owner of this house has a Adventure Guest Hostel a block away, so they offered to have guests go to the hostel if they wanted a shower. They also offered a monetary compensation.

Marc, the owner of both places, was here checking on the repairs. It was another opportunity to get to know him.

Since Michael was “sweaty” we decided to pack a day early and send our bags to the Zürich airport train station. We have been doing this for years as it is difficult schlepping bags when you have to change trains in Bern.

Luck would have it;  they were having a promotion today. It only cost us 6 CHF per bag instead of 24. Tomorrow, the promotion will be over.

When we got back from dropping off our bags, the burner problem was fixed. We took a shower and decided to visit again with Frau Meier. Originally, we thought we would visit her tomorrow.

She was very happy to see us as she was a little lonely. It wasn’t a good day to be out working in the garden. She had the radio on and was listening to current popular music. I would never have imagined. Had to laugh when she showed the magazine article on Roger Federer, the tennis player.

She is so looking forward to her birthday on December 1st when she will turn 100. Frau Meier is glad it will happen on a Sunday so people can celebrate with her and not have to take a day off work.

She has the best smile and attitude. It is an honor to know her.

After our visit, we walked through the main shopping area of Interlaken. We passed Bucherer and it dawned on me that we had not picked up our free spoon that you get with the Interlaken tourism card.

The feel of fall is in the air. Looks like the tips of the leaves are starting to slowly turn colors.

Not sure what type fruit this is.

Decided to go to Brienz for dinner. We hadn’t been to the Lindenhof Restaurant for 7 years or so. It is either closed; we don't want to walk up the hill; or some other restaurant interests us that day.

Typical Swiss homes of the area. The flowers are gorgeous.

This is a bed and breakfast. Beautiful view of Lake Brienz from here.

It is a bit of a walk and a climb up the hill to the restaurant but the food and view are well worth it.

The village of Brienze is famous for its woodcarvings.

"In the famine of 1816, wood turner Christian Fischer from Brienz started decorating goods with wood carvings and selling them to tourists. In order to meet growing demand he soon began teaching the skill to people from the region. In 1851, Brienz woodcarving achieved international recognition at the London Exposition. "Brienz Woodcarving School" was founded in 1884, becoming an educational institution and official training workshop of the canton of Bern in 1928. Now known as the "School of Woodcarving", the institution is the only place in Switzerland where young people can learn the art of woodcarving. Since 2009, the school has also provided vocational training for new turners, basket makers, coopers and white-wood coopers. Today, professional woodcarvers run independent businesses, fulfilling demanding contracts but also producing souvenirs, since the ties between woodcarving and tourism remain strong after two hundred years despite various attempts at diversification. Because the products and the historical and practical knowledge of woodcarving are threatened by the changing generations, the "Association for the Collection and Exhibition of Brienz Woodcarvings" was established in 1990, in turn establishing the "Swiss Woodcarving Museum" in 2009."

The signs off the zodiac are hung on the Lindenhof's lobby ceiling.

Beautifful wooden decorations hung on walls.

What a view!

We chose the 4 course menu.

We started with :

green and black olives

herbed butter with bread

antipasto tomato spread with bread

lamb’s lettuce with cranberry mousse and smoked duck breast. A bread stick for crunch

sherry broth soup with fresh garden vegetables and herbs

Michael decided on the salmon over sliced thin vegetables. It was served with homemade butter noodles

I had mushrooms in a cream sauce served in a puffed pastry. The pumpkin risotto was delicious!!!!

Panna cotta with a berry sauce was the dessert. Crunchy biscuit, too.

The day may not go as you initially planned but.....there is always a reason!


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