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Noticed so many changes

The most significant change from previous years is not being able to visit with our dear friend, Rose Meier. She passed away at the young age of 103. Michael and I so loved our visits with her! However, we have so many treasured memories of our times with her. Frau Meier was a remarkable woman who loved spending hours working in her flower gardens. Michael and I will especially miss our afternoon tea time, her homemade plum tart with whipped cream, and her life stories.

The most noticeable change would have to be the amount of snow on the Jungfrau.

This picture was taken today. So....what snow figures do you see? Can you spot a man running? He is either holding an ax or a flag. Can't agree on what the figure on the right is. Could it be a griffin or a dragon?

This picture was taken from the Höheweg on August 27, 2022

One thing that hasn't changed is the welcoming staff. Sylvia was at the reception desk and she set out breakfast. I only took a picture of my favorite rolls. Joli has been working here since the beginning when it was Sunny Days Bed and Breakfast. Sylvia has been here since Sunny Days was sold and became Adventure Guest House.

Fresh baked hot rolls with butter. The brie was so creamy.

The koi have certainly grown since last year. Michael and I remember when the pond and then the waterfall section were first put in.

The house across the street is finished.

The neighbors on one side are expanding their house. The roof line will be quite high as you can tell by the height of the poles.

The neighbors on the other side worked on backyard projects.

Today was a rest day for us. Our nap lasted longer than we expected but we are on vacation so it doesn't matter. We are enjoying our Garden House!!!

Yes, it is very hot and super humid!!!! I waited and waited for a breeze!

Michael, who has not had sweets for a couple years, decided to eat half the cookie. I saved him and ate the other half. Delicious strawberry jam filling. Yummy!!

Jen, who used to work at the guest house, is visiting from Italy. What a special treat to be together again!!!

Michael has waited 11 long months for Città Vecchia's mixed salad and a Rusticana pizza. He walked over early this afternoon to make a reservation for tonight. Of course, the owner recognized him. he asked if we wanted our usual table. Our waiter even knows what we usually order. Too funny!!!

Had another visitor come into the house and visit my fragrant rose.

For those who have asked, Michael has already read three books since we left Phoenix. My great nephew, Erik, won last year when the question was to guess the number of books Michael read while on vacation. Erik was only four years old, too.

Yes, this year, I'm having another contest for a chocolate bar of your choice; but it probably won't be for another few weeks.

Another day comes to a close.

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