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I Feel the Need for.....

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Peter "Maverick" Mitchell played by Tom Cruise in Top Gun says, "I feel the need for speed!!" Well, today I feel the need for shopping for glass objects at Glasi in Hergiswil, while Michael feels the need to read a book today.

Took the train from Interlaken West to Interlaken Ost. Changed trains. On platform 4, boarded the train to Luzern.

The train travels along Lake Brienz.

Water is still and calm. There is only one small fishing boat whose wake leaves a wedge pattern on the water. Construction continues on the apartment buildings just before Oberreid.

I can see Geissbach’s funicular, and the hotel perched on the hill across the lake. The falls look like there is only a trickle of water flowing down.

First stop is Brienz. The town is famous for its wood carvings. I wonder if woodcarving is a dying art. Schools need to promote the arts more. We need sculptors, painters, wood carvers, musicians, dancers, etc.

The many camping areas around the lake are still crowded with campers and tents.

We pass by an Air Force base. No sound of the afterburners echoing around the mountains today.

Next stop is Meiringen. Did you know meringues were invented here when a lady had too many eggs and didn’t know what to do with them? It is also home to Sherlock Holmes and the Reichenbach Falls where Sherlock went over the falls with Moriarty.

The train pulls into the station. The engineer greets me as he leaves the cabin and now heads to the back of the train which now becomes the front of the train. Once we start up the mountain the tracks become narrow gauged so we can climb the steep mountain. I can hear the clank clank as we engage.

Not many travelers today which is fine. In fact, no one else in three cars. I'm not complaining.

When we reach the top of the mountain at Brüning- Halisberg we are surrounded by ski areas. Now, we start the slow descent down.

The antique/junk store looks interesting. I have talked about stopping for many years now, but never have.

Little cottages and cow barns along the railroad tracks.

Lungern has a beautiful church at the end of the Sarnersee. The church is fairly new, about 110 years old, because the old one was destroyed in a flood of the lake. I love the reflections off the water.


Love how the train zigs and zags along the lake


We have passed this wooden man for years. One day, I want to get off the train and see what the front of him looks like.

Giswil has an average of 144.1 days of rain per year and on average receives 1,311 mm (51.6 in) of precipitation

a church of pilgrimage


Changed trains in Sarnen. I had a short wait and then boarded a train heading toward Luzern.

Sarnen is home to 10 sites that are Swiss heritage sites of national significance. It is also home to colorfully wrapped bales of hay.

Bypassed the Mt. Pilatus Station and then got off at the next stop in Hergiswil.

Reached my destination after crossing the street and walking down the numerous stairs.

Glass has been made in Hergiswil since 1817. That was when the Siegwart brothers found an ideal new production site at the foot of Mt. Pilatus. Following serious economic problems, the Siegwart glassworks was threatened to close in 1975. The "Glasi-Lüüt", all individuals related to Glasi, the Hergiswil council and above all Robert Niederer managed to save it. Shortly before his death, his son Robert took over as director of the Glasi. He opened Glasi to the public. In 2020, he handed over Glasi to the third generation so now Leandro Niederer leads the company into the future with approximately 70 employees. Glasi offers visitors the opportunity to observe workers as they produce the glass. The Glasi has a museum and is home to the first glass labyrinth in Switzerland.

Went to the factory first to see what they were making. I know the workers take a lunch break but I wasn’t sure of the time .

An Arizona type of hot air from the furnace greets you as you walk up the stairs. It’s so different from the hot humid air from outside.

Having been to Glasi many times, I even recognize some of the artisans. Today, they were blowing and making carafes. They were also making huge serving platters. The gentleman there said you could use it to serve food for a large group or use it as the bottom for a table centerpiece going down the center of the table. I can't imagine the weight of that as the glass looks quite thick. Glasses were also made.

Walked through the archive room.

No matter what your age, you need to play.

The gift shop is across the street from the factory where they made the glass objects. It's like Disneyland. After the ride, you are left off next to the gift shop.

Reminds me of the sound when you spin a 5 Franc coin in a bowl.

A school group came in and watched the men work for 3 to 4 minutes. It’s interesting how middle school students get bored so easily and quickly. Only one boy was interested and took a picture.

On the way back to Interlaken, many people in Brienz got off the train and decided to go back to Interlaken on the boat.

Everything is timed so well.

Decided to have spaghetti and meatballs back at the B&B.

We had a brief shower and then a gorgeous rainbow which lasted a very long time!! Some of the time, we even saw a double rainbow.

Oh, look at those eyebrows and piercing eyes staring down on us! Someone is not happy with us!!!!!!

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