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Going to Murten for the perch filets

It was 52 degrees when we got up this morning. Hopefully, it will be a high of 56 by this afternoon. Michael and I are happy we are not in Scottsdale where the high is expected to be 114.

We are off to Murten to our favorite restaurant, Anatolia. We will have the fresh perch from the lake. Yummy!

"The little medieval town of Murten on the south-eastern shore of the lake of the same name has preserved its original appearance, with the picturesque lanes and alleys of the Old Town and the pleasant shady arcades. The town bordering German and French-speaking Switzerland also boasts a lovely lakeside promenade with a wide range of water sports and plenty of culture to discover."

Vineyards in Vully. If you look closely, you can see the nets behind the boat.

"Thanks to its beautiful location on a small hillside overlooking Lake Murten, the 800-year-old Zähringer town Murten in the canton of Fribourg has become a popular destination. In the evenings, watching the sun on the magnificent view across Lake Murten towards Mont Vully and Jura is not to be missed.

A city wall protects the small town. Originally designed to keep out trespassers, the nearly intact, only accessible ring wall in Switzerland grants visitors captivating views across the Old Town rooftops and the nearby lake. Those interested in history will find a rich collection of the 6,000-year history of the town and region at the Museum Murten (open March to December). Particularly worthy of note in Murten’s history is the Battle of Murten on 22 June 1476. The victory of the Confederates over the Burgundian army led by Duke Charles the Bold is still celebrated today."

Took the train from Interlaken West to Bern. We will arrive on track 4 and will walk to track 13 where we will catch the train to Kerzers. Have 10 minutes to do this so we have plenty of time. In Kerzers we will change again from track 1 to track 4 to catch the train to Murten.

Again this year, Michael and I seem to be the information kiosk. Now.....Michael is wearing shorts, sneakers, and white socks. Doesn't that scream "American tourist"! The locals have on their light winter jackets. Scarves are tied around their necks. To whom would you ask directions of? Luckily, Michael speaks German so he could give the lady directions.

Fog is starting to lift so I am able to see the pyramid shaped Niesen. Oh, the Niesen is wearing a snow hat! Frau Meier said people around the Interlaken to Spiez section use the Niesen to predict the weather. There is a rhyming poem that everyone knows and recites.

The water on Lake Thun is flat and still. I see an occasional fisherman with his nets stretching behind his boat.

The first quick stop to Bern is Spiez and then Thun. The train picks up speed once we leave Thun.

Passed the Emmi plant where they produce classic holey Swiss cheese, perfect for melting on a grilled cheese sandwich or for snacking. Emmi's Swiss Cheese is made from cow's milk, aged in caves in the Alpine tradition.

Once we are out of Bern, we are now in what is known as the breadbasket section where vegetables are grown.

Tomatoes, peas, and beans are grown in hothouses, though.

Eyup's dad recognized us immediately and shook Michael's hand. Even the waitress welcomed us back. Everyone knows our table. We sat at the table set for 5. It didn't matter as that is our table.

Michael texted Eyup to say hello. Eyup sent Michael his new baby girl's birth announcement and a picture of him holding Arîn. She was born yesterday.

We didn't see him at Anatolia's but little did we know he was working next door.

Eyup has bought the restaurant next door to the Anatolia. It is called Jäger. The previous owner sold it to Eyup with the stipulation that he keep the name and the idea of local produce and local meat.

Of course, we had the usual: fresh perch filets from the lake in a butter lemon sauce with boiled saffron potatoes. It also came with grilled zucchini.

We started off with a salad of greens and tomatoes with a pomegranate dressing and pomegranate seeds.

Hot homemade bread is a nice complement.

Eyup brought over something to try with the bread but didn't tell us what it was. Michael and I were surprised to learn it was a vegetable tartar. The main ingredient was eggplant or aubergine. I thought it was some type of meat and legumes.

Had to have a bottle of Vully. It is local white wine from across Lake Murten that compliments cheese so well.

For dessert, Eyup brought over some burnt caramel cream with a caramel heart. OMG! Yummy!!!!! I would definitely love this recipe. I'm sure the rich cream from here makes it more delicious, though.

Then, a second dessert was served: baklava topped with finely chopped pistachio nuts, a scoop of ice cream with a tart cherry and pomegranate sauce, honey, and whipped cream.

So many different types of pastry.

Chestnut cake

You can cut off as much as you like.

In a special process, five thin layers of cream are carefully applied to a light yeast dough. Three layers of slightly acidified cream and sugar during baking and two layers of Gruyere double cream after baking. When baking, this results in a fine caramel crust, which is softened again after baking and refined into a creamy fine coating.

The Nidelkuchen has already been awarded gold five times in six quality competitions.

"The fine sweet dough cake with a fine cream glaze is worth every sin. The Modified Gâteau du Vully: The Murtener Nidelkuchen was created in 1931 by Ernst Aebersold, the founder of the bakery of the same name in Murten. Basically, it is a modified «Gâteau du Vully». The aim was to create a cake that was both lighter and creamier than its famous predecessor. In the course of time, it became a real Murten specialty. The original recipe is of course a trade secret, but our recipe tastes just as good."

Love window shopping under the arcades.

There are two main streets in the middle of this medieval town.

Beautiful flowers

Saw a lady fill up her water bottle from the fountain.

Interesting building to house the police station.

They will be having the Murten Classical concert this weekend in the courtyard.

This is the billboard that shows last year's concert.

Unique chimneys!

The boxes hold chess pieces.

A couple woman learning how to be crossing guards.

Someone is always cleaning. No litter on these streets.

On the way back to Interlaken West, we took the train from Murten to Bern with no train change in Kerzers. We arrived in Bern on track 13 and left on track 6. Having the SBB app on our phones makes navigating the train schedules so simple. The app tells arrival and departure times, track info and occupancy volume. You can even see where you are on your journey. It even tells you how long you may have to walk.

This evening, Jen, Thea, and Marc stopped by to visit. Jen leaves tomorrow to go back to Italy.

And so another day comes to a close.

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