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Every skinny girl within 5,000 miles is in Milan

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

September 13, 2019

Happy Friday the 13th!

Michael and I had so much fun last night taking the cooking class with Francesca. We can't wait to go home and host a dinner party to show what we learned.

Francesca sent the recipe for making pasta this morning. She will send us some others when she gets the chance.

Pasta fresca

400gr durum wheat flour or all purpose flour (white flour) or half of each one Last night she used semolina only. She prefers only semolina.

2 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil

4 full eggs

1 teaspoon salt

(Optional water)

Make the “fountain” (We put everything in a small mixing bowl) It is less messy.

Break an egg at a time and whisk with a fork

When the mix is too hard for the fork, start with hands and palms. If it is really too dry, add few drops of water at a time.

Work the dough until it is elastic and compact

Wrap it film and let it rest 30 min in the fridge.

Put some extra flour on the table, Cut a piece the size of ½ tennis ball and start working it with the rolling pin.

Use the pasta machine to make it thinner (twice for each level), add flour if it’s too moist.

Don’t make it too thin for tagliatelle or lasagna. Super thin for ravioli.

Cut it into tagliatelle.

Boil water with salt and cook for 4-5 min

If served just with butter and Parmesan add some water into the pasta bowl because fresh pasta tends to dry once served.

Francesca was a wealth of information. Her family has a PR business and a real estate business. We learned Milan is now the number one tourist destination in Italy. Also, Milan is number one for fish even though they are not near an ocean. The fish first come to Milan's market and are then distributed around the country. Whom would have thought??

Michael and I are staying at the Straf Hotel, very near the Duomo.

The red bed runner reminds me of what the cardinals in Rome wear. Same color and feel.

in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti

Last night the city celebrated Vogue for Milan 2019. Yes, every skinny girl within 5,000 miles attended the event. I don't know how they walk in those high heel shoes on these uneven streets!!!

Here is the description of the event from a flyer.

"On September 12th everyone is ready to live a unique experience that involves not only fashion but goes further, bringing music, performances, and many initiatives that will make the heart of Milano beat. Vogue For Milano, the event organized by Vogue Italia with the patronage of the Municipality of Milano, is back and will bring fun and excitement thanks to its rich program of activities.

The most exclusive brand stores will remain open, with limited edition products and special offers designed just for the occasion. There will be The Vogue Italia Street Party, with performances by poetry slam and freestyle battle that will accompany the public until the live concert on the Duomo 21 terrace, in Piazza Duomo, which will see the performances of Levante and other artists."

The area around the Duomo was a mass of people. It was crazy!!! Did I mention the skinny girls???? The young women were gorgeous. Many drooling young men chasing after them. The square in front off the Duomo is so large they had screens set up so people could see the singers.

"Various installations will be set up along the streets of the city, dedicated to the world of Vogue and the main theme of the "Words matter" event, with the possibility of purchasing the magazine's number exclusively along with other special gadgets. There will be the maxi treasure hunt with 5 teams that will challenge each other with puzzles and riddles to arrive at the game-ending, which will allow the winners to watch the live music in Piazza Duomo in a privileged position.

An unmissable event which is also associated with a beneficial purpose: thanks to the proceeds from the sale of limited edition products, two projects will be created for children and young people from Quarto Oggiaro, to promote music and theater, and to enhance places in the neighborhood by turning them into cultural spaces".

As our hotel is within spitting distance off the Duomo, we saw and heard all the activities.

I am glad we will miss Milan Fashion Week which runs from the 17th to the 23rd. Things really should be crazy then.

We decided to get a feel for the city by taking the red double-decker scenic Hop On - Hop Off city sightseeing bus. Love the running commentary. It gave us a starting point.

The streets are quite crowded with cars, motorbikes and people. Horns honking; cars and people darting in and out; the occasional curse; the impolite gesture, etc. I am so glad I am not driving.

They are watching us while we are watching them.

La Scala Opera House

La Scala is an abbreviation for the official name Teatro alla Scala, which is the opera house. The theater was inaugurated on August 3, 1778 and was originally known as the Nuovo Regio Ducale Teatro alla Scala (New Royal-Ducal Theatre alla Scala). The premiere performance was Antonio Salieri's Europa riconosciuta.

Most of Italy's greatest operatic artists, and many of the finest singers from around the world, have appeared at La Scala. The theater is regarded as one of the leading opera and ballet theaters in the world and is home to the La Scala Theater Chorus, La Scala Theater Ballet and La Scala Theater Orchestra. The theater also has an associate school, known as the La Scala Theater Academy (Italian: Accademia Teatro alla Scala), which offers professional training in music, dance, stage craft and stage management.

The Armani clothing line was started here.

Giuseppe Verdi, the opera composer died in this hotel. They have a suite named in his honor.

"Verdi was an intensely private person, He did not seek to ingratiate himself with popular movements of the time. As he became professionally successful, he was able to reduce his operatic workload and sought to establish himself as a landowner in his native region. Verdi surprised the musical world by returning, after his success with the opera Aida (1871), with three late masterpieces: his Requiem (1874), and the operas Otello (1887) and Falstaff (1893).

His operas remain extremely popular, especially the three peaks of his 'middle period': Rigoletto, Il trovatore, and La traviata." His music was played throughout the ride.

So much congestion.

Beautiful architecture. This area was not bombed during the war.

Repairing the roads. Pouring sand between the stones.

Castello Sforzesco

Lots of security by the Castello Sforzesco.

While holding onto his dog, this policeman was able to hold onto Michael before Michael fell flat on the ground. Pavement is so uneven. you have a great chance of falling. Gee...I am the one whom always trips and falls.

Castello Sforzesco

Leonardo da Vinci created pergolas here.

The structure will allow 16 properly pruned mulberries to adjust to the structure on which they will be growing.

From season to season, all newly grown branches will be fixed to the frame off the roof and they will be guided in the desired direction. In this way, the mulberry branches will be modeled to acquire the desired shape as painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

In two or three growing seasons, the branches will be entirely covering the ceiling. the mulberry pergola will be growing to form a pergola constructed according to ancient techniques. It will be

Counted 4 cats just sitting and waiting around. Does that mean mice are near by???

The name "Porta Sempione" is used both to refer to the gate proper and to the surrounding district; a part of the Zone 1 division (the historic city center), including the major avenue of Corso Sempione. The gate is marked by a landmark triumphal arch called Arco della Pace ("Arch of Peace"), dating back to the 19th century, although its origins can be traced back to a gate of the roman walls of Milan.

Arch of Peace

Needle, Thread and Knot

Needle, Thread and Knot (Italian: Ago, Filo e Nodo) is a public artwork in two parts by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen in Piazzale Cadorna.

Commissioned by the City of Milan as part of the renovations of the Milan Cadorna railway station, and unveiled in February 2000, the sculpture is made of stainless steel and reinforced plastic, painted with polyester gelcoat and polyurethane enamel. The "knot" is placed in the middle of a fountain on the middle of the square while the sewing needle is on the footpath in front of the train station. According to the artists the needle pulling thread through fabric is a metaphor for a train going through a tunnel. The thread wrapped around a needle also "paraphrased" the city emblem of a snake coiled around a sword. According to the City of Milan it is also meant as a tribute to Milan's influence in the fashion industry and the three thread colors (red, green, yellow) represent the lines of the Milan Metro.

Needle, Thread


Duomo. We will take a tour of the inside tomorrow

The doors are magnificent!

Yesterday, Francesca recommended we visit Peck's.

Scottsdale has A.J.'s Fine Foods - Munich has Dallmayr - Milan has Peck

In Milan some spots are considered real references, almost “holy” places, that every person, born or not in Milan, must know. Among them there is Peck: “the temple of Italian gastronomy”.

panettone bread

Tonight, we met our friend Rosie's granddaughter, Francesca, for dinner. It was such a delightful time! She learned some English words and we learned some Italian.

We asked the hotel clerk for a restaurant recommendation. I was looking for both Italian and seafood. He recommended the restaurant, Giuliano A Milano. Wow!!!! Wonderful choice!

Delicious food, great conversation, special evening.

We had a glass of prosecco while we looked at the menu.

The three of us had the Menù "Completino". We learned Francesca had been to this restaurant with one of her work colleagues before.

Anchovies marinated scented mixed salad

Scallop "alla catalana" with diced fresh tomato and tropea onion

grilled prawns with pepper

"lasagnetta" (Lasagna) with seafood and crustaceans

spinach noodles

Pink grapefruit sorbet to cleanse the palate.

Mixed skewers (shrimp, squid and sea bass)

coffee and limoncello

We skipped the coffee but we did have a nice bottle of white wine with the meal

This is cotton candy with butter cookies and gummy candies.


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