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Cold August showers bring cheese fondue

Awakened this morning to the plink, plink, plink of rain hitting the roof. That can only mean it will be a cheese fondue kind of day! Decided to go to Grindelwald today for cheese fondue. Wonderful suggestion!!!!!!!

"Stirring in a figure eight (instead of in a circle) is an unwritten law for Fondue fun. But there’s one thing you can only do at Barrys: Oops… because once you lose your piece of bread in the cheese, you have the honor of representing Barry at the table (with our Barry hat)." We didn't lose one piece.

There has been a drastic change in temperature. The high for today will be 60 degrees F (16 degrees C). There is an orange warning for rain. The orange rainfall advisory was raised in areas where rainfall is between 15mm and 30 mm within one hour. Flooding is a definite threat in communities under the orange alert.

The colors are typically a spectrum. The greens indicate light or moderate rainfall. Yellow, orange, and red indicate moderate to heavy rainfall and can also indicate hail. Whites or blues mean snowfall and pink indicates freezing rain, sleet, or a wintry mix.

In our area, snow is expected to come down to 1800 meters (5900 feet). What a change 12 hours can make!

Tissot is a sponsor for the Unspunnen schwinget and yesterday the Tissot store in town had a meet and greet with Korean star Lee Dong Wook and Swiss wrestling king Matthias Sempach. I did recognize Lee Dong Wook but the crowd around him was huge. Tissot watches are quite expensive because they are made in Switzerland, by a well-respected company with incredible attention to detail in both the design and materials. You also get great quality and stylish designs with Tissot watches, which makes them more expensive. Tissot is often described as an entry-level Swiss luxury watch brand. The brand's owners, Swatch Group, class them as mid-range market watches. Expect to find them priced above most high-street brands, but below other Swiss brands like Longines, Omega and Rolex. Tissot was founded in 1853. Since 1983, Tissot belongs to the Swiss conglomerate Swatch Group (Longines, Breguet, Blancpain, Omega). Tissot watches are known for their precision, reliability, and timeless design.

Rank Brand Average Price

1. Rolex $23,193

2. Seiko $191

3. Casio $107

4. Tissot $395

I feel sorry for the people attending the Schwinget today as it is forbidden to open an umbrella or parasol in the stadium. Also, there is no standing room in the arena; in addition to grandstand seats, there are lawn seats. Maybe later this evening we can watch the Unspunnen-Schwinget on TV as it will be broadcast live on SRF.

We took the bus from the Interlaken West station to Interlaken West and drove by the schwinget stadium. They have television screens outside the stadium for those who could not get tickets.

Look closely and you will see the stands are full even though it is raining.

The winner of the match must help the loser up and tap him on the back.

Switched trains to the one going to Lauterbrunnen/ Grindelwald. The cars in the front of the train go to Lauterbrunnen while the cars in the rear section will break off in Zweilütschinen and proceed to Grindelwald.

You cant imagine how many people miss this sign.

These directional signs are new this year.

The Bernese Oberland Railway (BOB) operates its workshop at Zweilütschinen.

Did you notice the "bouncy spring" on the chair?

Up until a couple years ago, this lady grew begonias where the fence is now.

Stacks of wood for winter.

"The state-of-the-art terminal, with a direct train connection in Grindelwald, is the heart of the V-Bahn. This is where the tricable gondola Eiger Express to the Eigergletscher and the 10-seater gondola lift to the Mannlichen start. In addition, the terminal offers a shopping center with international top brands, Swiss quality products and a sports shop."

"The Eiger village of Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland lies embedded in a welcoming and green hollow, surrounded by a commanding mountainscape with the Eiger north face and the Wetterhorn. This mountainscape and the numerous lookout points and activities make Grindelwald one of the most popular and cosmopolitan holiday and excursion destinations in Switzerland, and the largest ski resort in the Jungfrau region.

Thanks to its magnificent vista and the glacier which once reached right into the basin, Grindelwald attracted its first guests – primarily the English – from the end of the 18th century onward. The actual breakthrough of Alpinism occurred in the mid 19th century, and local mountain guides climbed the peaks of the region with English tourists. The first ascent of the Eiger, the most difficult of Alpine mountains, took place in 1858 (the north face only in 1938).

Road and railway construction made Grindelwald much more accessible towards the end of the 19th century, which in turn also heralded the onset of winter tourism. The first cableway in the Alps was built here in 1908 on the Wetterhorn. And in 1912, a railway reached the Jungfraujoch via Kleine Scheidegg; today the «Top of Europe» still remains Europe’s highest railway station and a world-renowned excursion destination within permanent snow and ice."

Woodcarvings dot the landscape.

From this angle, the carving on the right looks like a monkey instead of an eagle. I can almost hear the Wizard of Oz's wicked witch of the West say, "Fly!"

Too cold to take a break with a cold cocktail.

The Eiger's North face

One of my favorite places in Grindelwald is this cemetery.

Intoxicating smell from the lavender as we walked by.

"Goodbye to my dear parents" is inscribed on the middle stone.

Love how almost all the graves are adorned with flowers. "They" have quite an amazing view from where they will rest for eternity.

Every year, I take many pictures while sitting on this bench and looking at the mountains. Can't believe the amount of moss still clinging to the tree limbs.

The Wetterhorn

Glacier Ice

Came across this little guy.

Snails and slugs have evolved to eat just about everything; they are herbivorous, carnivorous, omnivorous, and detritivorous (eating decaying waste from plants and other animals). There are specialist and generalist species that eat worms, vegetation, rotting vegetation, animal waste, fungus, and other snails.

As they dwell in green spaces, they feed on fresh leaves, stems, and bark, as well as species of crops, like mushrooms, berries, and lettuce. When it comes to finding food to eat, terrestrial snails are not picky, and it is often the young snails that do the most feeding.

Hope some person doesn't pick up this little guy for an appetizer with a little garlic butter.

What might a vegan milk option be?

So many chalet balconies had hanging geraniums.

This hotel and restaurant always has hanging baskets of fuchias.

Last year, this was the butcher shop and now it is small cafe that makes its own chocolates.

Completely new business.

Our favorite fondue place in Grindelwald was called the Eiger which had Barry's restaurant upstairs. Now they remodeled the downstairs and named it Barry's too.

gherkins, pickled onions, cucumber, pear slices, tomatoes, sprouts, three types of meat

Wonder what a rescue card actually is.

One minute to walk to the bus stop? That's "Swiss" walking time . I saunter while the Swiss power walk.

The chalets look like toy miniature models.

Great sleeping weather tonight!

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