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Change, Change, Change.....

Taureans do not like change but change is what we experienced today!!!!!!!!!

We are amazed with all the changes happening in Unterseen and Interlaken.

We are again staying at the Adventure Guesthouse. When I awake every morning, I look out the window to check on the mountains. It is a beautiful way to start the day. My mountains, the Mönch and the Jungfrau, are still here. I checked back at pictures from last year and I think the amount of snow on the mountain is pretty close to what it was last year. Well, maybe it is a little less.

We stay "under the roof". We have two rooms, a large bathroom and a hallway with a small refrigerator which Michael likes to keep stocked with yoghurt.

One bedroom faces the Jungfrau and the second bedroom/living room with the TV is located where you see the top two windows.

Daniela, Wouter and Hannah stopped in while we were having breakfast. They will be moving from the small house in the backyard of the Adventure Guest House this coming week.

They bought a house in Wilderswil. Congratulations! We are so happy for them.

Had a new person working at the breakfast room. He looked a tiny bit scared to greet us. I did not catch his name as he was very soft spoken. He did make sure to tell me he baked special rolls for us. I guess either Sylvia or Helena told him to. We are treated so well here!!!!!!!!

Joli, who cleans the rooms, was her usual laughing and smiling self. She wanted to make sure we were happy with the room and if we needed anything else.

At breakfast, we spoke with a young man from Copenhagen. He is a lifeguard there. This was the first time in the area and he had such a good time that he has decided to come back again next year. We gave him some additional places to visit and things to see and do. He was very interested in taking an Asian cooking class in Zurich that we recommended. He wrote down so much information. I just should have given him the URL to my website.

Across the street from the Guest House, they are building a new house. We can't figure out if it is one house or a couple apartments.

Michael and I have always loved this house.

Next door to us, a young couple remodeled the house inside and added onto the sides. An elderly couple had lived there for the last 20 plus years we have been coming here. The gentleman used to tend to his garden, fruit trees and berry bushes all the time. The backyard now looks like it needs some tender loving care like he gave it but the front still has his hydrangeas along the fence.

"The town of Unterseen was founded on 13 July 1279, when King Rudolf I von Habsburg granted Baron Berchtold III of Eschenbach-Oberhofen permission to build a stronghold between the two lakes. The name came from "unter," which in Middle Age German meant "between", and "seen," which means "lake." The fortification was given Stadtrecht (town privileges) in this agreement. By1281, Interlaken and Unterseen were mentioned collectively as stat ze Inderlappen oder Undersewen and in 1291 they were called Inderlappen, genant Undersewen.

In the burgeoning tourism of the middle of the 18th century, Unterseen played an important role, which has since been taken over in large part by Interlaken."

Unterseen has a population of 5,760.

For a change, Michael and I decided to make today a rest day. Usually, we would be off doing something. Instead, we walked around Unterseen and Interlaken.

There was a little August market in Unterseen. The bell and clock tower dominates the old square in Unterseen, the oldest part of Interlaken. I love this clock tower.

Our favorite Italian restaurant Città Vecchia is at the end of the street so we stopped by and made a reservation for 6 o'clock.

The biggest change around town are the flowers. The Swiss love their flowers. This year they are not as beautiful, lush, bushy, tall, abundant..... It was very hot all summer so the flowers suffered. Also, it didn't rain as much as it usually does. I will be curious to see how the flowers in Luzern, Thun, and Zermatt compare.

In other years, the "cats whiskers" were larger.

Even in front of the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel and Spa, they tore out the gorgeous yellow roses and planted vines in boxes. I suppose they had to tear out the roses since they made a patio now on this side of the hotel. The roses were so fragrant when you walked by. I prefer the roses!

Another change we noticed while walking through Interlaken were the number of stores that have closed since last year.

The Schuh chocolate shop is gone! It had been in existence since 1899. Tell me it isn't so!! I'm just hoping it moved to another location. I will have to check with someone to see what happened. Loved walking by their window. The ever changing chocolate display was something to behold.

The History of the “Schuh”

  • 1818, purchase of a plot of land along the Höheweg in Interlaken, and the subsequent construction of a guesthouse.

  • 1885, purchase by Christian Shoe.

  • 1899, creation of the famous “Schuh Lady” motif by Jacob Friedrich Schuh. A skilled chocolatier, Jacob devoted himself to his love of chocolates and sold the finest confectionery and pastries to locals and tourists. The fine reputation of the “Schuh” spread quickly across Europe.

  • 1910, Jacob Friedrich Schuh passes away. The Schuh family loses interest in the chocolate business. However the excellent reputation of the establishment is sustained until 1955.

  • 1955, purchase by Fritz Beutler who had a clear vision for the future of the business. He renovated the 22 rooms and enlarged the kitchens and restaurant.

  • Fritz (junior) and his wife Hedy continued the father’s good work by introducing an international dimension to the culinary art on offer at the “Schuh”.

  • 2003, acquisition by Cecilia and Jürg Kirchhofer, who placed the focus on high quality allied with excellent service.

  • Since February 2011, we, Eun-Hae und Jürg Lehmann, have run the Grand Café Restaurant with heart-felt passion and joy. In doing so, we are adhering to the core values of the “Schuh” and continuing to develop its uniqueness for the benefit of our guests.

The Story Behind the “Schuh” Lady is famous around town. "Once upon a time there was a charming young lady who was as beautiful and graceful as a princess. People traveled from far and wide to her tiny and high-class shop full of the most wonderful chocolate specialties she made herself. When the time came for the young girl to marry, a large competition was held in the village. Young men came from throughout the land to court the beautiful lady, to woo her with daring tricks, expensive gifts and to serenade her with music. But she finally chose as the prince of her heart the cobbler who presented her with a beautiful shoe created from the finest chocolate."

Learned the Goldener Anker will now become part of the Hotel Bellevue. The property will be rebuilt, expanded and redesigned.

Jeanette and Rene sold the restaurant a few years ago. We loved their veal dish with mushrooms. A dollop of cream was placed on top and when it melted it oozed into the wonderful sauce. Homemade noodles were swimming is butter. Oh, we miss this meal!!!

I found this article about the Goldener Anker

"There has long been speculation about what will happen to the traditional restaurant Goldener Anker on Marktgasse in Interlaken. After the sale of the restaurant in 2018 to the hotelier couple Thomas and Regula Dübendorfer and the corona pandemic, the doors of the restaurant have been closed for a long time. The tenants had to file for bankruptcy after the first lockdown.

Now the approval for the renovation of the restaurant and for the expansion of the Hotel Bellevue has been received: the "Goldener Anker" will be part of the hotel. Because the "Bellevue" didn't have its own restaurant, up to now it was not possible to cater for the guests directly in the house and especially with seminar and event inquiries one was very limited.

Existing hotel is being expanded Since 2001, Thomas and Regula Dübendorfer have owned the neighboring 4-star Boutique Hotel Bellevue and the Alplodge. In around 20 years they have turned the building in need of renovation into an impressive 4-star hotel. Today the Bellevue consists of 38 rooms, an apartment and the "Riverhouse" in the garden directly on the Aare. These offer space for up to 6 people. The Alplodge has 22 rooms in different categories.

The "Goldener Anker" property is attached directly to the Hotel Bellevue. In November 2020, the Dübendorfers were also able to acquire the adjacent property "Müllerhaus". With the takeover of the "Müllerhaus" property, it is now possible to create 11 new Bellevue rooms in the 4-star category. In the new building, there are now three rooms on each of three floors with direct access from the Hotel Bellevue. These rooms have balconies towards the Jungfrau. In the old attic in the front part of the anchor, two more spacious double rooms are being built.

Traditions preserved despite new building construction going on on the property since January 2022: the rear parts of the Ankers restaurant and the "Müllerhaus" have already been demolished. This raised questions among the population, but Thomas and Regula Dübendorfer know what the traditional restaurant means to the local population. You yourself have spent numerous evenings at the anchor. Because the "Goldener Anker" is not just a restaurant - it is a cult bar where numerous singers and bands, including Shaggy, The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Toots & the Maytals and many local artists, have played and made the bar tremble.

The old kitchen, which was located in the rear part of the restaurant, will be integrated into the side of the restaurant area. The cold rooms and toilet facilities will be located in the new basement in the future. The restaurant area is thereby enlarged and in the rear part of the restaurant a stage offers space for events, concerts, seminars or additional restaurant space. The demolition of the rear part of the neighboring "Müllerhaus" property also means that the rear part of the restaurant, which used to be rather gloomy, is flooded with light during the day.

New garden terrace The "Goldener Anker" will have a garden restaurant. The new outdoor area with around 100 seats in the inner courtyard is intended to breathe new life into the anchor and also make the restaurant a hotspot in Interlaken in summer. In the south, the Hotel Bellevue will be expanded with a small extension. The laundry is being expanded on the ground floor, and another seminar room is being built on the mezzanine level above. The reopening is planned for spring/summer 2023, provided that the construction work can be carried out as planned. The project is budgeted in the high single-digit million range.

Young team at the start Since January last year, the son Timotheus has also been at the start of the family business Bellevue & Alplodge AG. He had previously gained experience in the parents' company and has now returned to Interlaken after five years of professional development in Zurich.

Timo did his apprenticeship as a hotel clerk in a company in Interlaken and later attended the tourism school in Lucerne from 2015 to 2017. There he also met his wife Nadine, who has been actively supporting the family business since summer 2021. The major conversion project also came about with the prospect of a later takeover. The project opens up exciting perspectives for the young successors."

Can't wait to see this project when it is finished!!!!!

Stopped by the Woodpecker to say hello to Gabriela and see what new projects she was working on. Unfortunately, we was attending a fall market out of town. She is so talented and we have many of her wood carvings.

I have some of these "spring toys" which I change out monthly by my stove. I have the lady bug and the cowboy. I also have a cow on skis, Mozart and Einstein to name a few.

This corner restaurant is now a sushi restaurant. Years ago, it was a Subway shop. They have taken out the outdoor chess and four square. At least they kept the fountains.

Cute backpacks

Swatch watches

You can design your own band.

Michael enjoyed reading while I shopped.

Still making electricity. At least this hasn't changed. You see two flags. The dividing line for Interlaken on the right and Unterseen on the left is at the middle of the river.

Interesting name for a men's hair salon.

Interesting clock

We have one of these clocks. It spells out the time. Ours is in English.





There is always something to watch or do at the Höhematte. Nestled in the heart of the town, Höhematte Park is Interlaken's popular green open space. Apart from offering views of snowcapped mountains, the park features shaded walkways, colorful flowerbeds, benches strategically placed under lush treetops, tennis courts, a playground, and fountains along the edges of the meadows.

Sat down on the bench and watched the paragliders come in for a landing.

Admire and marvel at the Jungfrau

Toasting the bachelor

Isn't this a change from what they serve in McDonald's in the U.S.? I'm not sure even I would try this and I like most foods. McRaclette Chili? Would you try? Willing to bet a couple people who are reading this are saying yuck right now. This McDonald's is always crowded! Those of you who do not know what raclette is it is a cheese. This fantastic cow's milk cheese has a wonderful creamy texture and a salty, slightly sweet, slightly nutty flavor not unlike Gruyere. It's fairly aromatic and becomes more pungent the longer the cheese wheel is aged. Raclette cheese has the particularity that it can be eaten cold (raw) without cooking or melting it. Raclette is a washed-rind cheese, which is a type of cheese that is moistened with a salt-brine several times during the aging process. This technique allows a hospitable environment for certain bacteria, giving washed-rind cheeses their distinct “stinky” smell and taste.

Another huge change we saw was the renovation of the Migros grocery store near the Interlaken West train station. What a beautiful store!!

The baker just put these warm loaves out. Wish you could enjoy the smell like we did. Who doesn't love the smell of fresh baked bread?

European bread is so tasty. So many choices of rolls and bread with crusty exteriors and a soft squishy inside.

For me, the biggest change was when we went to Città Vecchia for dinner. José has moved back to Portugal and is no longer a co-owner of the restaurant with Manuel Sá. Now I have to break in a new waiter. Manuel now owns it with his son Emmanuel.

Food was delicious and the ingredients were fresh.

We had our usual.

Started with a mixed salad with Italian dressing.

In a Swiss salad the vegetables are not mixed together. Everything in its own place. It included carrots, red cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, corn, and lettuce.

Had our favorite pizza: the Rusticana

tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon, onions, spicy sausage and garlic oil

The red chili pepper oil is the perfect compliment to the pizza.

With the meal, Michael had a beer and I had a panache

We ended the meal with a port. This is the first time I have seen port served in a frosted glass. Certainly changes the flavor as the port warms.

Even the view from the bedroom has changed tonight. Now, I can see the Mönch and the Jungfrau.

Good night from the Adventure Guest House!

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