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Can you guess what our weather is today???

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Well, if you guessed sunny and no clouds, you would be correct!

Breakfast was back at the Konditorei. If we find something we like, we stick with it.

I tried the apple strudel. I know it is more of an afternoon dessert but it looked interesting. I also had the hot chocolate with whipped cream. As I post this, I remembered it was to come with sprinkles.

Both were winners!! In the strudel, the apples were firm which is the way I like. There were raisins and whole walnuts in it, too. The hot chocolate was rich and creamy. The whipped cream sat on the whipped foam. I even looked up the difference between foam and froth. Foam is slightly thicker and denser, whereas froth would be on a cappuccino... more airy and bubbly.

One of the waiters was from Ukraine. He was such a pleasant and polite young man. He speaks 6 languages. He told us how he had been denied a visa twice but he was persistent. After two tries, he finally received it. He is so grateful and happy to be in the United States and working at Sun Valley. He spoke Polish to me and German to Michael.

The resort is very empty. Maybe more people will be coming in for the weekend. We charged up the Tesla and it was the only car in that parking lot.

It was a beautiful 72 degrees (22.22 C). Beautiful temp for another hike.

Decided to take my other camera. It was the wrong time of day to take pictures as usually happens on vacation but I did take a few. My friend Rosie buys me photography books as she encourages me to continue taking pictures. I tried a different technique on a couple of the closeup photos that I had read about. With this camera some of the pictures are too large to download into my Wix program which I use to post my website. Maybe I will add them when I get home from vacation.

This one didn't work as well. It was windy and the plants kept swaying.

Michael is very patient while I stop and take picture after picture after picture.........

Mini sunflowers are found along the Idaho highways and along the streams and rivers.

We came across many unusual fences.

Tree bark patterns


We walked along streams

We came across a new bridge

Would someone actually want to go out on the platform and jump in?

There is hardly any water in the stream. Guess you can't use the rope and swing out over the water.

Many signs along the way.

We did not come across any sheep. That would have been a sight to see.

My feet did not like this sign!!!!!!!!!!

A home or two were hidden among the trees.

After our long hike, we stopped at Atkinson's Market to buy a case a water. Well, besides the water we left with a case of wine. And.... it came with a 15% discount, too. I wanted to see if they sold the Koenig Vineyards ice wine that I had at Gretchen's last night. The vineyard is in Caldwell, Idaho. There is a story with the wine but I'm very tired and ready for bed so I will save it for another day.

We had dinner again at the Village Station. Michael and I had the lasagna. The words that come to mind are: delicious, huge portion, yummy, lots of meat and cheese...

To drink, I tried the huckleberry margarita. The ingredients are olmeca altos plata tequila, triple sec, wild Idaho huckleberries, fresh lime juice and citrus syrup. They gave a straw with it. I learned it was a biodegradable straw made with agave. The company info is

There is a jewelry store across from the restaurant. There was a sign outside. This side is for men.

This side is for women

I'm off to bed. Good night!

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Jean Schmitt
12 sept 2020

Love your pictures Debbie!!!!!

Me gusta
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