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Aachen has a cat cafe??!!

I wasn't going to write a post tonight but someone wrote me and said, "We will be a little depressed." So.......

We had a wonderful late breakfast at the Heinen's with Max and Käthi, Axel and Heike, Tina and Phillipp, and Henry and Rosa.

After that, Käthi's parents came over and the clean up after the wonderful party began.

It was another hazy, hot, and humid day with the temp reaching 87 degrees.

After getting everything put away and in its place, we drove back to Aachen. We walked from the Innside through the park to restaurant at the tennis club.

We passed the Cats Café. This is their description of the café:

"The Katzencafé Aachen is unique and a special sight...

...which is normally only found in metropolises: four tame cats keep the guests company, while in a pleasantly peaceful and stylishly furnished ambience, many delicacies can be enjoyed: Coffee specialities from fairly trades coffee, fresh teas, summer drinks – which you can mix yourself – self-made cakes, crispy salads, delicious soups from the own kitchen, hot bread, sandwiches with varied toppings, uncooked vegetarian food, Mediterranean antipasti plate and many things more! All this can also be enjoyed on the flower-decorated patio opposite of the church courtyard and free WIFI is available everywhere! Aachen visitors should not miss the 4 most popular cats in Aachen: Ruby, Klik, Milo and Balu always look forward to caresses and cuddles and visitors from near and far."

Jellie Beanie would love this place but I'm not too sure about my Izzy.

We ate at the tennis club. The food was very tasty.

There are about 400 members of the tennis club.

Max has played tennis here since he was 6 years old.

Wipe those shoes.

The Heinen's dentist office is a major sponsor for the charity tournament on the 16th.

We are taking the early train back to Unterseen, so we're hoping to be busy dreaming very soon.

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