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Rae-Dawn Arabians Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

I spent a wonderful evening at the Bailey Family Medical Care member appreciation event. The event, hosted by Murray and Shirley Popplewell, was held at their Rae-Dawn Arabian farm in Scottsdale.

We are part of Dr. Robert T. Bailey's membership medical family. Dr. Bailey's personalized healthcare model encourages us to become engaged and take an active role in our health and wellness. We have a wonderful partnership with him and his team.

Dr. Bailey's vocation is medicine, but his avocation is classical singing. He is uniquely gifted as a classically trained baritone.

Dr. Bailey started the entertainment off by singing "Non Piu Andrai" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Singing "Some Enchanted Evening" by Rodgers and Hammerstein. "Shenandoah" was his last selection.

Included in the program were some health benefits of singing: Reduce stress and improve mood; lower blood pressure; boost the immune system; improve breathing; reduce perceived pain; improve a sense of rhythm; promote learning in children; forge comforting memories; promote communal bonding; provide comfort; motivate and empower. Let's get singing!!!!!

Donna Marie Hartley provided a piano concert medley. She was a Nordstrom pianist in one of the Chicago area Nordstrom stores and was chosen from all their pianists to "open" the Nordstrom at Fashion Square in Scottsdale.

Refreshments. Yummy!

Self guided tour through the barns.

Wanted to be touched. Very friendly. Enjoyed posing.

Beautiful eyes

Very curious!

So friendly!

Enjoyed the girl's gentle touch.

Lovely paintings and photographs adorn the walls in the barn and in the trophy and entertaining area.


Murray and Shirley Popplewell also have a working Arabian farm in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. The farms are named after their two daughters- combining their middle names, Rae and Dawn. Though their daughters were not actively involved in the horses, Murray and Shirley felt it appropriate to signify their new love for Arabians by honoring their abiding love for their daughters.

The birthplace of champions happens in Saskatoon while the training of the Arabians takes place in Scottsdale. Scottsdale is the ultimate destination for Arabian horse lovers.

We were treated to a spectacular performance by the Arabians! Beautiful! Special! Unique! Amazing! Stylish! Refined! Athletic!.....

Bruno Guiraldelli, head trainer and manager

Dr. Bailey and his wife, Johanna

Each horse has his or her own plan and they are evaluated accordingly every day by Shirley and Bruno.

Bey Ambition, my favorite.

In 2008, while at the Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas, the Popplewells noticed a two year old fiery bay colt. Though the Popplewells were not intending to purchase a stallion for their breeding program, he somehow sparked a fire within Murray and the Popplewells had to have him. The striking bay became the ownership of Murray and Shirley by the end of the show.

Murray told Bruno to let Bey Ambition off rein. Bey Ambition did not disappoint us. Priceless!!!!!

Bey Ambition knows he is a champion and a star!

The girls wanted a picture taken with Bey Ambition

The sign is just perfect and oh so true!

The Popplewells have the following quote on their website: "One of life's greatest gifts... Follow Your Passion". It was a special evening with so many people following this advice.

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