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Hergenrath, Belgium Aachen, Germany Max's gra

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

We are very honored to be invited to Max's graduation from dental school. We have known the Heinen family for twenty-four years. We had Tina when she went to Judson School, in Paradise Valley, where I worked.

We slept in late and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast.

We are at the family home in Hergenrath, Belgium.

Hergenrath or Hergenraedt is a village which has a population of approximately 2,700. Hergenrath is located southeast of Kelmis in the province of Liège. It belongs to the villages of Kelmis and Neu-Moresnet and is bordered to the north by the German city ​​of Aachen. The earliest known mention of Hergenrath can be found in a charter of the Aachen Schöffengericht dated March 22, 1280.

Max's grandmother baked a delicious apple, raisin and almond cake which we enjoyed in the afternoon.

Here are a few highlights of the graduation celebration.

Max ready to leave for the ceremony.

Max and his father, Axel.

The venue. Once upon a time, the building was a slaughter house.

The Heinens, a family of dentists.

Max and Tina We now have had the honor to have attended both graduations.

Proud parents

Tina and her husband, Phillipp whom is also a dentist.

Max and his girlfriend, Kathi

Max receiving his diploma

Four of the dental professors

Max, Kathi and Felix

Kathi and her parents

Basti, Kathi and Max

The graduating class of 2018

As Michael and I lie in bed watching it snow, we remarked how lucky we were to be here enjoying such a wonderful celebration!

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