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Trubschachen, Switzerland Kambly

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Michael and I slowed down today and enjoyed Interlaken and Unterseen this morning. This is what you call a beautiful day in the neighborhood. In the afternoon, we ventured toward Trubschachen. We are scheduled to meet Fränzi, whom works for Kambly. Then, we will go to dinner.

Finally saw Frau Rose Meier working in her garden. The lady, whom I believe is 96 or 97 years old, invited us for afternoon tea and cake on Friday. I hadn't seen her since I arrived and I was worried she was ill. She said her back is hurting some but otherwise she is fine.

Kambly is located in the Emmental region. The hilly area is mostly devoted to farming, particularly dairy farming. Emmental cheese is made in this area.

Kambly is a Swiss biscuit factory. It was founded in 1910 by Oscar Kambly.

Oscar Kambly got to know a girl that lived in Trubschachen. It was a real love story. When he went to her home he had an idea to make a biscuit after his grandmother's recipe, this was in 1906.

Kambly's story began over a hundred years ago with Grandma's Emmental "Bretzeli" biscuits. Ever since then, Kambly has been producing them according to the original recipe day by day, carefully upholding the high quality and tradition associated with Kambly.

Grandma's picture is to the right. Oscar Kambly's wife's picture is the bottom middle.

He introduced the Kambly tin box to keep the biscuits from crumbling and breaking.

Today, Kambly is Switzerland's largest biscuit producer and leading exporter. Kambly is represented in more than 30 different countries. It is the most famous and most liked biscuit brand in Switzerland. There are two factories, one in Trubschachen and one in Lyss, both in the canton of Bern. Today, it's Oscar Kambly the third who administrates the factory; he has done this since 1983. Oscar Kambly who founded the factory led it from 1910-1953. The first factory was only in Trubschachen, but because Kambly bought the Arni AG in Lyss in 1999, they now have another factory. There are 420 employees.
The oldest product is the "Bretzeli", that has been produced since 1906 and that was invented by Oscar Kambly the first.

The Bretzeli come in different flavors

Some other known products are: "Biscuits Butterfly", "Caprice", "Mignon" and the "Petit Beurre". They also produce salted biscuits. A sampling of the biscuits you can taste and buy in larger quantities and cheaper price. This is another place where you may eat as much as you would like. You must not stuff your pockets, though.

Michael's favorite

Loved these as a child and I still do.

Gold Fish

Biscuits and chocolate. How can you go wrong?

A favorite of ours.

You may want fancier packaging

Fränzi and her friend working.

Fränzi taught a class. Cute!

There is an area where you can get some desserts or have coffee or tea.

Many buses stop at the factory store.

Kambly got the award "Brand Excellence Swiss Trophy" in 2003. In 2003, 2005, 2007 & 2008 they received the international prize: "Saveur de l'Année".

You can immerse yourself in the world of Kambly and visit the "Experience World" in Trubschachen in the Emmental region. Let yourself become enchanted and by all means, discover the experience rich source of the diverse specialties that come from Kambly. You can not take a factory tour but a visual and culinary delight awaits you at the Kambly Outlet, where you can try over 100's of treats to your heart's desire.

A few years ago, we along with Tanja, Joli and Ferosa went and took a biscuit (we call them cookies) making class at Kambly.

Our instructor was Fränzi. In fact, Michael and I have taken two classes where she has been the instructor. Whenever we visit Kambly, we always make sure to stop in and say hello to her. Over the years we have become friends and are regularly in contact.

Tonight Fränzi, Michael and I went to dinner in the village. Always so much fun to be in her company. She chose a restaurant in the little village of Trubschachen.

Michael and I started with the pumpkin soup while Fränzi had a mixed salad. The dollop of cream has already oozed out into the soup.

This is the time of year for "wild specialties" on the menu. We all had deer.

You could cut the meat with a fork; it was so tender. Delicious!

Michael's came with mushrooms.

In Bern, we had a little time before our train to Interlaken arrived, so we all went for a piping hot glass of spicy ginger tea. It hit the spot! Different and delicious.

Always so enjoyable to catch up on news since we last saw each other.

Couldn't figure out why I'm tired tonight. Well, Michael checked his watch and found we walked 7.95 miles. We took over 16,000 steps. Wow, it must have been walking up and down all those aisles and sampling all the different varieties of biscuits.

When we returned to the room, we were gifted with flowers and Interlaken chocolate from Christine, Berbel, Joil and Tanja for staying at Sunny Days for 20 years. Sunny Days has become our home away from home.

I will say good night......


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