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Phoenix, Arizona to Interlaken, Switzerand

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Off on another September Swiss adventure. I’m flying business class from Phoenix with a change of planes in London and then off to Zürich. First class and business have their own check in lines so I skipped the long general boarding line. Yeah!

One of the perks of flying business class is being able to relax at the airline’s club lounge. They remodeled the British Airways Club in Phoenix. Very nice. There are more comfortable seats and tables. Gray seems to be the decorating color now so the club is in fashion.

I tried the broccoli cheddar soup which was delicious! The Tuscan bean kale soup sounded interesting but I wasn’t that adventurous. The fresh baked cookies and brownie were soft and warm. I did try them and they were “yummy”. There was a nice salad bar. Of course, they served English cucumbers. There were many different varieties of sandwiches, snacks, etc. Lots and lots and lots of choices. I guess some people wanted to sleep once the plane lifted off so they ate their fill.

The plane was a Boeing 747-400. My seat on the plane was located upstairs in the bubble, which is my favorite location. There are only the pilot and his crew; two flight attendants plus 16 people up here tonight. Love the attention!

Club World introduced a new service concept. The very large fluffy pillows were the first giveaway. Gray bedding (blanket, comforter and mattress pad) left on the seat came in a sealed cloth case. The mattress pad is new for business class. First class used to be the only one who had it. Nice touch. It makes sleeping that more comfortable.

The menu is more extensive. British Air also introduced new simple white china and glassware whose cut reminded me of a Waterford design . They did well with their choices. Now, I’m wondering what first class is like.

Had to fill out a breakfast card before we took off. We were to choose between three options: wake me early for a full breakfast; let me sleep a little longer and make me a smoothie or some other beverage or don’t bother me and let me sleep until the last minute.

They offered wines, champagne and cocktails before dinner.

Dinner service was quick. These were our choices.


Pan roasted scallops over carrot, asparagus, English pea. This was my choice. Delicious!!!

Roasted red and golden beets pearl barley salad

Organic split pea and kale soup grilled croutons

Fresh seasonal salad

mixed baby greens, shaved fennel, celery, roasted tomatoes, choices of creamy ranch dressing or balsamic dressing


Pan roasted salmon

Spanish cauliflower rice, broccolini, herb butter, Marconi almonds

The gentleman close by wanted the salmon option without the salmon.

Pan roasted fillet of beef

Petite heirloom potato, baby pepper, roasted baby squash, roasted garlic butter

This was my choice. Meat was a perfect medium pink.

Pecorino Romano and black pepper ravioli

Cherry tomato puttanesca (don’t know what that is)

I skipped dessert. I heard a lady remark the chocolate tower was delicious. It certainly looked it.


Lemon tart

Light and dark chocolate tower with blackberries and strawberries

Warm orange and chocolate croissant pudding

Fresh seasonal fruit

Cheese board:

Middlebury Blue

Cave aged Gruyère

Double cream Brie

Lemon pear marmalade



I had a nice restful sleep. Temperature in the cabin was perfect, which is unusual. It usually is very hot or very cold.



Orange juice

Smoothie of green apple

Fresh seasonal fruit

I had slices of watermelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, pineapple and strawberries. There were also blackberries and raspberries. Fruit was ripe but firm and sweet.

Greek yoghurt mango cherry compote


Warm breads and breakfast pastries


Traditional English breakfast

Cheddar cheese omelette

Sautéed spinach, Rösti potato, button mushrooms, grilled tomato

This was my breakfast choice.

Buttermilk pancakes

Caramelized apples, strawberry compote

So....the “eating part” of vacation continues.

Even though we took off 30 minutes late, we arrived over 30 minutes early. I like that as I have to change terminals. We land in terminal 3 and my flight to Zürich leaves from 5. Flight was very smooth with no turbulence. Who could ask for anything more?

Love Heathrow’s terminal 5. Always feel like I am in the movie, “Love Actually”. Can almost hear Hugh Grant talking. The terminal is a bee hive of activity. People running to their gate; couples kissing; people window shopping at Cartier, Prada, Harrods or Tiffany; people making purchases at the Duty Free shop and Burberry; people talking on their phones and not watching where they are going; people having a cuppa tea at the Fortnum and Mason bar; happy faces, tired faces; people laughing and even one little child loudly crying.

Besides Yorkshire Gold, the teas from Fortnum and Mason are my British favorites.

Such cute window displays!

This blend is a favorite of mine.

I have never tried this.

Fortnum and Mason even have the approval from Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales. Not every business is so lucky to have their seal of approval.

They have great shopping and restaurants at terminal 5.

I always enjoy spending time at the South Lounge over the North. It has become tradition to have a bowl of soup. Had the farmer’s vegetable soup. Tasty as usual. As they say here, it was quite lovely. It is a shame they don’t have a cookbook of their soup recipes. So wonderful. The lounge was decorated in a picnic theme. It was something I had not seen before. Many different eating and drinking choices. I think they also replaced some of the tables and chairs. Again gray was the prominent color.

First time to see sinks like this at the airport. It is an all in one. Interesting!

Plane leaving for Zürich was late taking off. It only matters that I will get into Interlaken later than I expected. Oh well. It was an air traffic control hold. That is the joy of traveling.

Eating continues on the flight over with afternoon tea being served with three different types of small finger sandwiches: ham, chicken with marmalade and egg salad with watercress. I would have preferred a Victoria sponge like I had last year but they served a moist pineapple cake. The tea will keep me awake until I get to Interlaken.

I had to renew my Swiss half fare card. All forms of transportation included from the trains, busses, boats, trams, funiculars and cable cars. Well, it is up to a certain height. Also purchased my one month pass. Everything is so easy to do.

I also checked in two suitcases that will arrive in Interlaken early Monday morning. I didn’t want to schlep these plus my very heavy camera bag on the train. I have to change trains in Bern and then again in Spiez. I have done this in the past so I just packed enough clothes in an overnight bag until Monday.

It is dark for my two hour train ride from the Zürich airport to Interlaken. A couple minutes ago I passed by IKEA which is just outside Zürich. It’s Michael’s favorite place. Not! I don’t think the chances of getting him to visit are good this year either. Oh well.... I may have to explore it by myself while I am here.

I could only take the train to Spiez. Then, I had to switch to a bus. Good thing I shipped my large suitcases from Zürich. It was another adventure, though.

Looks like they are remodeling the Interlaken West train station. Something to see and check out in the light.

I'm finally at Sunny Days Bed and Breakfast. YEAH!

Will sign off for tonight.

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