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Dinner with dear friends at Restaurant Schloss Oberhofen

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Hard to believe we only have one more week before we ship our bags to the airport a day ahead of our flight. So, we need to get some shopping done.

I have been looking for some Swiss pottery. The Emmental region is known for this. We checked out a few places but it wasn't what I was looking for.

Since we were near Trubschachen we decided to purchase biscuits (cookies) at Kambly.

This is only a very very small sampling of what we purchased. I will probably have one suitcase devoted to Kambly biscuits. Over the years, I have learned how to get them back home without much breakage, too. And... crumbs are tasty, too!

Founded in 1910 by Oscar Robert Kambly in the Emmental region, the company remains family-owned. Today the company is controlled by the fourth generation of the Kambly family, which is also involved in philanthropic work.

In 1906, Oscar Kambly II (1887-1957), whose father originally hailed from Zürich, met a young girl during a stay in the French part of Switzerland. The original spelling of the family name was Kambli and has been adjusted somewhat by Oscar to differentiate from the well-established Zürich branch of the family. His future wife hailed from the village of Trubschachen in the Emmental Valley. He followed her there and completed an apprenticeship as baker and confectionery maker in the village's bakery.

In 1910, together with his brother Paul Kambly, he established the company which today is known as Kambly SA and they began to transform the village bakery to a biscuit factory and commercially manufacture items. His original recipes, like the famed Bretzeli (1906) and Caramels à la Crème d'Emmental (1924) are still widely known and a staple in Swiss, German and French households. In 1954, the Goldfish Crackers, where invented by Oscar J. Kambly, a member of the second generation.

Kambly's oldest and most well known product is the famed Bretzeli which was based on a recipe of Oscar Kambly grandmother which he commercialized as early as 1906 and is still produced to this day and distributed to many countries. Since 1959, Kambly manufactures military biscuits for the Swiss Armed Forces, which are also available for civilian customers since 2010.

Only for food products.

The train going to Luzern comes in first on the inside track and waits for the train coming from Luzern heading toward Bern. If you are traveling to Bern you use the outside track. If you notice you have to set up.

Electric chargers in front of Kambly.

Have you ever seen something like this?

Interesting clouds

The boats criss cross Lake Thun.

The Justistal is in clouds.

Enjoyed dinner tonight with Tanja, Syrena and Manu at the Restaurant Schloss Oberhofen.

It's always so wonderful to be able to catch up with dear friends whom we have known for years. The evening could not have been more perfect. Enjoyed drinks on the patio before entering the restaurant to have dinner.

Our table indoors was situated by the window overlooking Lake Thun. Watching the sunset over the lake was amazing. Sailboats and rowers made their way to shore before the sun set. Saw the huge lake boat making its final run of the day back to the end of Lake Thun.

"From September 14th to 24th, a historical menu revives the past in a unique way. For those who prefer it wild, they could enjoy the game dishes."

First course was vegetable strudel with a crispy fried piece of kale. Yummy.......

Tanja, Manu, Michael, and I had the Schloss Oberhofen Spezialität.

We had saddle of venison with classic side dishes, grape cognac sauce, pomegranate béarnaise sauce, and meadow herbs. I couldn't decide which sauce I liked the most. Both were tasty.The whole meal was so amazingly delicious!!!!!!!!! Michael and I will talk about this meal again and again.

Homemade spätzle.

The wine complemented the meal so well!! It is the castle's own wine.

We each had two courses of this. The meat was so tender you could cut it with a butter knife. The chestnuts, red cabbage, and brussels sprouts were very tasty, too.

Perfect setting and food. Terrific friends.

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