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Mürren and Winteregg, Switzerland

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

The day started with a little excitement. The smoke alarm went off while we were at breakfast. Yes, there was smoke, too.

The short version: A woman from Korea washed her panties and put them over the lamp to dry. Then, she and her family came down to breakfast. As soon as the fire alarm started blaring, she ran out the breakfast room. The fire department came. The husband said a towel caught fire but when the fireman asked to see it, the wife dug down deep in her suitcase and showed the burned undies. Because they caused the fire, they were charged for the fireman coming. Quite an expensive lesson learned. It was 300 Sfr. plus the cost of the lamp.

We spent our last full day concentrating on Mürren and Winteregg.

We took the train from Interlaken West to Interlaken Ost. Changed to the train going to Lauterbrunnen. In Lauterbrunnen we took the cable car up to Grütschalp. Once we reached Grütschalp, we took the one car train over to Mürren. We walked through Mürren to our favorite bench on the other side of the village and watch the paragliders.. Instead of taking the cable car down to Stechelberg, we walked back through Mürren. Took the one car train toward Grütschalp and got off at Winteregg for tea and dessert.

Apple tarts with vanilla sauce and whipped cream

Vermicelles made with pureed roasted chestnuts, milk or cream, cherry liquor, etc. served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream

A chocolate ball with a whole hazelnut center for a side treat. The Swiss love their chocolate!

Back on the train to Grütschalp; cable car down to Lauterbrunnen; train to Interlaken Ost; train to Interlaken West and a walk back to Sunny Days.

White and blue/purple flowers were blooming in the fields. It was a beautiful, sunny, blue sky day in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Fall is starting to show its colors on the hillsides.

The views: gorgeous, breathtaking, awesome, magnificent, glorious....

Twisty and I at Sunny Days

It is time to say goodbye to the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau for another year.


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