• Deborah Kade

Gruyères, Switzerland

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

I could hear the rain blinking on the roof when I first got up this morning. The Mönch and Jungfrau were hidden in clouds when I looked out the window but I could see snow at Schynige Platte and all the way down the ridge of the mountains.

When we checked the weather apps, it seemed like it was raining everywhere in Switzerland today. So, we decided it was a wonderful day to hop on the train and go to Gruyères and have raclette cheese.

Going to Gruyères, we changed trains twice. We took the train from Interlaken West to Bern. From Bern to Palézieux. Palézieux to Gruyères.

At the foot of the Pre-Alps, you will be enchanted by the charm and picturesque architecture of the medieval village of Gruyères.

We stopped by La Maison du Gruyère demonstration cheese dairy. Twice a day, the farmers in the area deliver milk. As visitors watch, the master cheese maker each day produces up to 48 wheels of Gruyère AOP. We missed the demonstration but we have seen it many times before.

The dairy is equipped with 4 X 4800 liter vats and a cellar where 7000 wheels can ripen.

Depending on the season, cheese is made 2 to 4 times a day.

The lighter color wheels are the younger wheels. The older the cheese, the darker the rind color.

The village of Gruyères has given its name to the area and to its delicious cheese. The little village, unaffected by the passage of time, is built in a superb setting. Gruyères, for us, is the most beautiful village in western Switzerland.

A stroll through Gruyères is a stroll through eight centuries of architecture, history and culture.

It was raining quite hard so we only went to the restaurant and we ducked into a few shops.

Our favorite restaurant is the Hotel de Ville Gruyères. Recommended this restaurant to some people from Singapore, whom really enjoyed the raclette, fondue and the meat platter.

We had the all you can eat raclette. It was served with gherkins, pickled onions, bread and potatoes. With cheese you need wine; so we had some fondant from the area.

We were celebrating Michael's birthday, even though it was two weeks ago. For dessert, he had the fresh raspberries, meringue and Gruyères double cream.

Yes, it is so thick that your spoon can stand up straight. We even learned how to make double cream. I only had the raspberries and double cream. Yummy!!!

On the way back from Gruyères, we decided to go through the mountains. Went from Gruyères to Montbovon. They are building a new station there. From Montbovon to Zweisimmen. From Zweisimmen straight to Interlaken West.

We took the Golden Pass train from Montbovon to Zweisimmen.

One of the stops was the upscale resort of Gstaad. Its soaring mountains and prestigious international boarding schools have long made it a holiday destination for royalty and celebrities. Cable cars connect surrounding ski areas such as Wispile and Rinderberg, with hundreds of kilometers of all-level pistes and cross-country trails. Glacier 3000 offers nearly year-round skiing.

The main street as seen from the train.

Chalets dot the mountainsides.

Beautiful green rolling hills. Cows have come down to the lower pastures.

Snow was coming down at the higher elevations.

Even though it was a rainy day, we had fun eating raclette cheese, drinking white fondant and talking. Fondue and raclette are "conversation foods".


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