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Bönigen, Switzerland

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Today will be a very short post as I spent the day visiting friends, Tanja and Syrena, in Bönigen. Love being back with them!!! Syrena has grown so much since I last saw her.

Tanja was nice enough to pick me up early this morning so I could get my luggage at the train station. I really appreciated that!

Bönigen lies on the shore of Lake Brienz, near to the mouth of the river Lütschine, and adjacent to the resort town of Interlaken. Bönigen is first mentioned in 1261 as villa Boningen. The name Bönigen ("of the people of the Bono clan") is composed of the Old High German personal name Bono and the toponymic suffix -ingun.

The village was originally perched on a hill above the flood level of the lake and local streams. In the 19th century, the river course was corrected and flood control measures put in place. Around 1860, these projects stabilized the lake shore and lowered the water level. These improvements allowed the village to spread down toward the streams and the lake.

Bönigen has an area of 5.83 sq mi and a population of 2,531.

For all the times I had been to Bönigen, I never realized there was a large swimming pool (Strandbad Bönigen) by the lake shore. There is a big pool to swim some laps, a kids pool and a baby pool. There is beach access to Lake Brienz where you can rent SUPs (stand up paddle board) and kayaks. A trampoline in the water also provides fun.

Did happen to take some pictures of people paragliding onto the Höhematte.

Stopped at Migros to get some yoghurt (blood orange, lemon, hazel nut and rhubard with vanilla). Love Swiss yoghurt!!

On the way back to Sunny Days, I stopped at the Coop to pick up a half chicken and bread. Decided to go have a picnic by the water for a late dinner. I had such a delicious lunch with Tanja, Syrena and Manu!

The view.... priceless!

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