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Interlaken, Switzerland

Today is "stop and enjoy the flowers day".

Went to church this morning and lit a candle for those still facing hardships in Texas and for the people in the path of Irma. May you all be safe and protected.

I have been so busy with "vacation activities" I haven't had a chance to catch up on Internet news or even switch on the TV in the room.

I am going to catch my breath today. Went to Migros this morning and bought Michael some of this favorite flavors of yoghurt. Know he has been jealous of me enjoying picnics by the water and here at Sunny Days on the patio.

Of course, once he gets here, it will be eating across Switzerland. Days are planned around what we feel like eating that day. If it is Züri Geschnetzeltes, you know we will be going to Zürich. It is chunks of veal in a rich creamy mushroom sauce, accompanied with Rösti (like hash brown potatoes Swiss style) and topped with fresh cream that oozes over the top. If we feel like fresh perch from the lake, it definitely is Restaurant Anatolia in Murten. After one visit, they remembered what we ate and where we sat. Remarkable memory and people! When in Luzern, you have to eat at the Old Swiss House for their house specialty- breaded veal escalope cooked in pure butter (lots of it!) at your table. It is served with fresh egg noodles and bread crumbs on top. Dessert is lemon sherbet with vodka and prosecco.

Tomorrow is the Jungfrau Marathon. We have two men already staying at the house whom are running. Think one or two more are expected later on in the day.

Very hazy and extremely humid. There is a slight breeze so it is bearable.

At the boat dock, by the Interlaken West train station, there were a group of alphorn players. They were very good but the group at the Unspunnen last week were exceptional.

Even alphorns are decorated with flowers.

Went with Tanja to drop off Syrena in Zermatt. Trip went by so quickly.

Zermatt is noted for its beautiful flowers. They are gorgeous!

Zermatt only wants electric vehicles. Electric carts or horse and carriage carry guests to their hotels.

The bells have tolled eight so I will say good night.

The sun flower is the favorite of the women from Sunny Days.

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