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Interlaken, Switzerland

Slept for a little less than 7 hours last night. Bed was very comfortable and the sheets were so very soft!!!!! I learned they now have a service that comes and changes out the sheets.

Strange to see the holiday flat we used to stay in having other people stay there. There is even a hammock on the porch.

Twisty greeted me as I went to breakfast. She has gotten so very skinny. I'm not sure how old she is but I know she is pretty old. She came right over when I called her name and rubbed against my legs while waiting for me to pet her.

The breakfast room has changed so much since last year!!! New chairs, dinnerware and curtains to name a few. They even changed the location where they serve the food. It looks very very nice. It has a modern feel to it. They even put in couches and plush chairs so you can relax. They have a bookcase with a nice selection of books. Children even have a basket of toys they can play with. It has such a different feel to it..

Decided to stay around town today.

The sun is shining and there are a few clouds popping up here and there.

It was nice to get up and see the Jungfrau. This morning both the Jungfrau and the Mönch seemed to have a halo.

While walking downtown, I passed my favorite lavender plant. The smell was intoxicating when I ran my hands across it.

Poles along the street are decorated with flags and flowers. The flowers planted around the town are beautiful but they have been prettier in past years..

Many school groups in town. Yes, the teacher is in front while the students walk quietly behind.

I happened to walk by a building that is being renovated on the Höheweg. All of a sudden I could hear sirens coming from different directions. Many emergency vehicles speeding to the scene. Amazing to see how the police, fireman, city workers, and ambulance drivers all communicating via their head phones. They called in three helicopters to transport the wounded. My observation is the Swiss really value privacy. They held up sheets and tarps so people couldn't stare and take pictures. There was always someone to tell you to move along. It was also quite a fete to watch the parasailing tandems try to get out of the way of the helicopters that were landing in the Höhematte which is a field which is a city block in size in front of the Victoria Jungfrau Hotel.

I sat on a bench at the Höhematte and watched the helicopters. There was a young man working on his computer. He smiled and asked me where I was from. I said Arizona. He laughed and said he was, too. He really laughed when I said I lived in Scottsdale and in McDowell Mountain Ranch. Brandon told me he lived by the AJ' s grocery store. Who would have guessed!! It is a small world.

When I first sat down, I noticed a purse on the bench. I asked him if I could move it. Brandon said it wasn't his. An abandoned purse on a bench. I became suspicious. Almost told the policemen but they had their hands full dealing with the accident. All of a sudden a woman runs toward us crying hysterically. She had left the purse on the bench when she took a picture of the Jungfrau. She was quite distraught because her passport and money were in the purse. Yes, I checked and it did belong to her. She is from China but working in Milan. This was the beginning of her vacation. She had just come from Luzern and was heading to Geneva. Then, she was going to be off touring the Scandinavian countries. She was supposed to be on the 11:00 AM train but she missed it. Brandon and I calmed her down. I can't imagine what I would have been like if that were I. Her easy to pronounce name was Gloria. We chatted for quite a while and off she went to catch another train.

The Höhematte is where some of the Unspunnen activities will take place. A countdown board indicates the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the activities begin. You can not believe all the construction taking place. A house has even been constructed. I heard there could be up to 400,000 people attending the festivities throughout the week long celebration.

Went to the Lutheran and the Catholic Church and prayed for the injured men. The churches are right next to each other. I lit candles for them and wrote prayer intentions for all the people whom are following my blog. I was in church for a long time!

I decided on a picnic for lunch. I had a chicken leg and some bread. Yummy! Stopped at the Coop and met up with Daniela. She and Walter are still together and they are thinking about moving in together. I like them both very much so I am very, very, very happy to hear that news.

I think a group of people whom know each other have rented out most of the rooms here at Sunny Days. They met for a little cake and coffee and now they have all gone to their rooms to settle in.

Humidity getting oppressive this afternoon. Clouds quickly forming. There is a cool breeze while I write the blog. I'm sitting outside on the patio. I have a wonderful view of the Jungfrau, something to eat and a nice breeze. Life is great.

Tanja had written me earlier. She stopped by and invited me for BBQ tonight. She has family in town and they leave tomorrow.

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